ROOKE: The Left’s Transgender Hysteria Is Harming People In Ways We Never Could’ve Imagined

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Australian researchers are demanding the country’s top medical data collection body deliver clarity concerning the assault on truth brought by their adherence to gender ideology because it is quite literally hurting people.

The Age, an Australian publication, reported that a group of 120 medical professionals sent a letter to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), warning “that blurring the lines between biological sex and gender identity on medical forms and in research threatens” their ability to collect accurate data and “can lead to serious medical errors.”

When we think of “medical errors” involving transgender people, issues from sex-change operations are typically the first thing that comes to mind because we know surgery is a dangerous game, even without the added complexities of removing breasts or creating fake anatomy out of healthy internal tissues. But hardly any thought is gone into what happens when people choose their gender or alter their bodies in a way that forces doctors to believe they are the opposite sex from which they were born.

These medical professionals are sounding the alarm that surviving the barbarism of transgender surgeries is not the only worry these patients have. Routine medical care is affected when the Left forces the medical community to play the preferred pronoun game.

For example, a Michigan woman’s baby died in utero after she presented as male to the emergency room, complaining of abdominal pain and high blood pressure. The hospital’s intake nurse proceeded to treat this woman as if she were born a man, leading doctors to test her for causes related to male abdominal pain and high blood pressure. (ROOKE: If Conservatives Want To Win, Parenthood Needs A PR Makeover)

It wasn’t until hours later that a doctor performed a physical exam and realized she was in labor and was suffering from pregnancy complications, including cord prolapse of uncertain duration. By this time, the woman’s baby had no heartbeat, and she had to undergo an emergency delivery of her stillborn.

Even though the woman lost her baby due to the hospital apparently adhering to the Left’s gender ideology, the medical journal referred to the woman by male pronouns throughout the study. It was more important to get the correct pronouns than save a life.

Another example cited by the letter, according to The Age, talked about a separate case where a woman who suffered life-threatening injuries during a car accident was intubated with an endotracheal tube meant for men. The process of forcing the large tube into the woman’s trachea caused severe damage and required multiple surgeries to fix.

Again, despite the brutal realities of using preferred gender to determine sex in medical care, The Royal Children’s Hospital gender clinic co-head Tram Nguyen argued transgender patients might “experience … discrimination” if they are required to disclose their biological sex during a medical examination. Nguyen said the policy shows a “lack of cultural safety.” (ROOKE: The Left’s Cultural Revolution Comes For America’s Most Hallowed Grounds)

Conservatives warned this would happen. When society allows confusion to be the guidelines of culture, pain and suffering are sure to follow. It’s easy to mock progressives when they remove the term “woman” or “female” for “bodies with vaginas” and “birthing people,” but we can’t lose sight. Regardless of their confusion, they deserve human dignity — something not being offered to them by progressives.

Outside of the degrading way the medical community is erasing female wording from language, it creates a scary reality that puts mentally ill women at risk for medical complications that can be easily avoided. If the stories of infertility and chronic pain spoken about by de-transitioners have taught us anything, it’s that we should be fighting for truth in all areas, especially when it comes to official medical terminology.