Forecaster Warn Of Impending ‘Polar Vortex’ That Will Plummet US Temperatures For More Than 240 Million People

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Huge swathes of the U.S. will be under a significant weather emergency in mid-January, a slew of forecasters warned Tuesday.

By Monday, January 15, almost 90% of the Lower 48 states will experience temperatures at or below 32°F, while the rest of the Lower 48 will be at or below 0°F thanks to an “arctic blast,” weather and climate expert Ryan Maue shared via social media. He also shared data from other climatologists showing some parts of the continent will experience temperatures 90°F below average thanks to a “polar vortex” that’ll hit hard as far south as Texas.

“Dallas currently modeled to fall to 12°-14°F Mon/Tues morning with entire state below freezing — into the teens and 20s on Tuesday morning,” he wrote in one forecast, noting how “models have trended colder” in the past.

The polar vortex will bring Texas into a “deep freeze for a few days,” where life and property will be significantly threatened by ongoing damage to infrastructure, travel, and all other services we’re dependent on because we refuse to take care of ourselves anymore.

The Germany ICON model showed temperatures in Montana will be “88°F below normal in Montana with actual temperatures in the minus 70s °F,” Maue noted, saying we’re likely to see temperatures drop some “100°F below normal soon” if things carry on. (RELATED: ‘Expect Disruptions To Daily Life’: Hellishly Massive Storm System To Blanket US In Mid-January)

The time to prepare for these extreme weather systems is now. Food, water, medicine, blankets and a heat source are essential. Also, probably beer and cigarettes if you’re me, but I was a scout so I am no fool, and I’m always prepared.