FULLER: How To Build An ‘America First’ Prosecutor Movement

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Clayton Fuller Contributor
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Voters are increasingly waking up to severe the threat to public safety and the rule of law posed by a cadre of far-left district attorneys backed by liberal megadonor George Soros. To hasten the downfall of this radical movement and undo the damage it has caused, our country needs a new class of “America First” prosecutors who will uphold the law as written, defend the integrity of the judicial system, and never allow politics to supersede their duty to punish criminals.

After funneling more than $40 million into local prosecutors races, district attorneys backed by Soros’s network of dark money groups and shady nonprofits at one point represented one in every five Americans. Along with weaponizing their offices against Democrats’ political opponents, these DAs advanced a common agenda that included ending cash bail, refusing to prosecute certain crimes, reducing charges against lawbreakers wherever possible, releasing thousands of criminals back onto the streets, and treating police as enemies rather than allies.

The results were predictably disastrous, with a major spike in violent crime and complete lawlessness gripping dozens of major American cities. But now voters – even in many deep-blue jurisdictions – are rejecting this failed scheme to “reimagine” criminal justice.

The first serious blow to the far-left DA movement came with San Francisco’s recall of Chesa Boudin in June 2022. A month later, Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby, who oversaw a dramatic spike in homicides after receiving millions from Soros-linked groups before being indicted on federal perjury charges, was defeated in the Democrat primary by a challenger promising to get tougher on crime.

In May of last year, St. Louis DA Kim Gardner, another recipient of Soros money who saw her city become the most dangerous in the country, resigned amid a series of lawsuits to remove her from office. In November, Soros-backed Loudoun County, Virginia, DA Buta Biberaj, who infamously allowed a high school rapist to walk free while trying to imprison the victim’s father for seeking justice, was also ousted by voters.

In total, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund counted 13 Soros-backed prosecutors who lost re-election or otherwise departed from office between March 2022 and May 2023. It is clear that the momentum has shifted.

Nonetheless, more than 70 Soros prosecutors who are still in office wield an enormous amount of power and influence. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, whose campaign received more than $500,000 from Soros-linked entities, is currently trying to use a “novel legal theory” to imprison former President Donald Trump, even as his office has downgraded 52 percent of felony cases to misdemeanors while cutting sweetheart deals for rapists and murderers.

Our nation is now at a crossroads. Will we continue allowing left-wing ideologues to use their offices to advance their personal political interests at the expense of public safety, or will we reaffirm the rule of law as the defining principle of our legal system?

It will be up to voters to decide. But Americans deserve a blueprint for what the alternative to a far-left Soros DA – in other words, an “America First prosecutor” – looks like. Here are just a few principles this movement should uphold.

FIRST, America First prosecutors enforce the law as written. Our system of government gives lawmaking power to the legislature, not district attorneys. America First prosecutors also recognize and call out attempts by left-wing DAs like Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, and Miriam Roach to use their offices to persecute their political enemies.

SECOND, America First prosecutors consciously avoid the politicization of their offices. They believe that the cultural Marxist concept of “equity” in policing is just another term for illegal racial profiling, and that their job is not to further “social justice” but to hold criminals accountable. Also, an America First prosecutor will not give in to public pressure to criminally prosecute someone without being able to meet the state’s evidentiary burden of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

THIRD, America First prosecutors view police as crucial allies rather than enemies. While the radical left’s war on police has fallen out of favor with many Democrat politicians, it is still raging in the offices of Soros prosecutors, and America First prosecutors will seek to end it.

FOURTH, America First prosecutors understand that they have a role to play in upholding law and order nationally as well as in their community. Specifically, this means taking actions like working with Customs and Border Patrol to identify and deport illegal aliens. It also means proactively forming partnerships with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to hold lawbreakers accountable and take down criminal networks.

FIFTH, America First prosecutors publicly advocate for the broader movement they represent. This means spending time in local schools teaching America’s founding ideals. It also means being active on social media, writing op-eds, and appearing on TV and radio to call out Soros DAs and outline their alternative vision.

SIXTH, America First prosecutors have the courage to call out the conservative establishment for ignoring local DA races. Where is the conservative George Soros? Why haven’t GOP donors realized how important DA races are? It is not so much that conservatives are losing the battle — they are not fighting it at all.

As a corollary to this, America First prosecutors will be strong advocates for their communities and engage with them wherever possible. Many will represent underfunded and underresourced rural offices like mine, and they should be unafraid to demand more resources and attention for the forgotten men and women of America.

The moment is now for likeminded public servants in criminal justice to unite behind a movement that defends basic American principles, seeks true justice, and puts the needs of Americans first.

Clayton Fuller is a former White House Fellow and currently serves as District Attorney for the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit in Northwest Georgia.