SEIFERT: To Save Humanity, Make More Babies

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Today in New York’s iconic Times Square, rush-hour pedestrians and hurried commuters will encounter a 60-foot digital billboard boldly displaying Elon Musk’s post — “Having children is saving the world.” 

Tucked underneath, yet eclipsing the post in sheer size, is a 75-foot, conjoined billboard with the simple declaration — make more babies

The peculiar purple display is courtesy of EveryLife, America’s fastest growing diaper company. Even more unusual? The new baby brand is also the nation’s first and only pro-life diaper company. 

An unlikely union, you say? A pro-life diaper company and a tech titan agreeing that the world needs more babies? 

It might seem surprising to some. But, not to me. 

As a co-founder of EveryLife and one of the moms who built this company alongside other moms and dads, I know the heart behind why we do what we do. Our mission is to celebrate, love, and protect every miraculous life. 

I also know how we began. We could no longer stand quietly by and watch today’s modern progressivism take over every industry, especially the baby care industry — pushing biases that are anti-human, anti-baby, and anti-family.

You see, whether the topic is abortion, overpopulation, or a radical climate ideology that promotes childlessness, the root is the same. Human beings are considered a liability, an inconvenience, a burden — a threat to the Earth.

In a world where the likes of Bill Nye, Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Paul Ehrlich, among many others, say the threat of overpopulation looms large and where social norms encourage women to put off having children until much later in life — if they even have them at all — we’re sounding the alarm. The greatest threat is a world without children, a world that fails to recognize and cherish the profound beauty and creative potential of the next generation. 

There is great reason to be deeply concerned with declining birth rates in the United States and other developed nations. Despite scientists recommending a fertility rate of at least 2.1 births per woman for economic and societal stability, the US fertility rate sunk to a historical low of 1.67 in 2022 — and it’s expected to decline even further in the coming years. There will be serious economic and existential ramifications of a culture that discourages population growth.

We know children are our greatest blessing — a gift, even. Full of wonder, curiosity, and boundless love, children have an extraordinary way of making our world better. They are our future – and the collective hope of humanity relies upon their existence and growth.

At EveryLife, we believe this. We live this. We champion this. We’re more than just a diaper and wipes company, more than just a way to keep your baby clean and dry. We’re a company that stands for the values that make families strong — that make our nation strong.

And — we’re not alone. Our growing community of moms and dads are locking arms with us as we stand together, ready to challenge prevailing narratives that devalue life — ready to boldly say, “make more babies.” 

Yes, Elon — you got it right. 

Having children is saving the world. 

Sarah Gabel Seifert is the co-founder and president of EveryLife.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.