George Soros Groups Helping Sneak Longtime Dem John Rust Into Indiana GOP’s Senate Primary

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Two George Soros-funded voting rights groups are supporting a longtime Democrat and his lawsuit to get on the ballot for U.S. Senate in Indiana after he did not qualify for the Republican ballot due to the state’s election law, the Daily Caller has learned.

Indiana election law requires candidates to have voted in the party primary they’re running in for the last two primaries they cast a vote in. John Rust, who is a longtime Democrat voter, only voted in one GOP primary and did not qualify for the Republican ballot. However, Rust sued the state in September to overturn the election law, won and the lawsuit is now headed to the Indiana Supreme Court on appeal.

Now, two Soros-funded voting rights groups, Common Cause and League of Women Voters, are supporting Rust and his lawsuit. The two groups filed a motion to appear as Amicus Curiae in Rust’s case.

League of Women Voters helped extend the mail-in-ballot deadline in Arizona in 2020 and recently sued Florida over its recent election integrity law. Common Cause strongly supported former President Donald Trump’s impeachment.


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“Across the country, George Soros is financing groups to get Donald Trump kicked off the ballot, but in Indiana, he’s funding efforts to get a Democrat on the Republican ballot. It’s more clear than ever that John Rust is the Democrats’ Trojan Horse intended to disrupt the Republican primary in Indiana and keep a true conservative from representing Indiana in the United States Senate,” Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, who is running for Senate, told the Caller.

“Hoosiers are not fooled,” Banks added.

The Caller contacted Rust about the support from Soros-funded voting rights groups, to which he responded by calling it “fake news.” However, Rust did not answer what was “fake” about the amicus briefs and the support from the two groups.

“This is fake news peddled by the insiders and the Jim Banks campaign who lack a winning record. It’s clear Jim Banks lacks the support to win in May, and they’re doing whatever they can to protect themselves. I know it. You know it. And they know it,” Rust told the Caller.

Rust is not a stranger to legal controversy. In November of 2023 his family company, Rose Acre Farms, was part of a group of egg suppliers found liable for $17.7 million in damages for conspiring to inflate prices.

The Caller also contacted Common Cause and League of Women Voters, but they did not immediately respond.