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Winter ready: Preparing your small business for the cold season

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Winter is a polarizing season, and people either love or hate it. When you’re a business owner, you’re somewhere in between since you’ll see a boost in your sales but also have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. There are also several other things you need to take into consideration that have to do with changes in weather conditions and lower temperatures. If you’re a business owner and this is the first winter season you must go through as an entrepreneur, here are some of the things you need to consider.


The winter holidays are arguably the most essential part of the year for all businesses, regardless of size. Since people are shopping a lot more than at any other time, you must ensure your enterprise can handle the influx of customers, or your revenue will suffer. If you’re still in the startup phase, this is the best time to come up with a comprehensive strategy that can attract new customers to your business while retaining the loyal ones as well.

This is the best time to clear any excess inventory from the previous years, to reduce warehousing costs and ensure all the items you put time, effort, and funds into don’t go to waste. You’ll also create more space for the new products you add in the new year.

Marketing impact 

The way you market your products is more important than ever in the era of customization. People want to shop for items that feel like they were made especially for them. They also want to feel like they have a direct connection to the brand. Reaching your audience through social media is the best way to make an impact. Make sure to deliver high-quality content that is consistent in its messaging, and look for ways to boost follower count on all platforms. Remember that different social media networks are more likely to appeal to different demographics, so depending on your target audience, you’ll have to foster your presence in other areas.

The marketing campaigns you create should succeed in creating a sense of excitement among your customers. This will build a much larger audience and increase traffic and engagement for both online stores as well as brick-and-mortar locations. Special sales events that are winter or holiday-themed can also showcase all the products and exclusive deals you offer, making shopping a genuinely unique experience for your customers.

Setting goals 

Setting goals and making them a reality is crucial for the morale of your employees, as well as the ability of your business to grow and evolve. You’ll get a real glimpse into how well your team can adapt to the demands of a more challenging time and how well they can work under a certain degree of pressure. However, remember that your goals should remain realistic and measurable; otherwise, there’s no point even thinking about them.

Analyzing data will give you a much better idea of what you need to remember regarding the business objectives you need to achieve. You will also get an objective view into the areas you could improve so that your sales figures are better than those of your competitors. Your plans should also be relevant and take time into consideration. Make sure you’re aware of the needs and expectations of your clientele in order to come up with products they actually want to buy and use.

Venue and extras 

Choosing a venue is crucial if you’ve decided to host a special event dedicated to the winter sales. You don’t want to neglect the quality of your products, but the aesthetics of the place where you choose to host the event, from the layout to the decorations and atmosphere, are all essential and can either make or break your event. Selecting one of your physical stores as a venue is a good option if you want to create something that feels new but familiar at the same time and to guarantee a smooth customer experience.

If you are looking to make something completely different and would be constrained by space considerations in your own brick-and-mortar, choose a place that fits your ideal venues as closely as possible, but don’t forget to arrange it in a way that’s reminiscent of your core brand identity. You want to bring something new but without the risk of compromising your original ethos, or the customers will feel disconnected from your message.

Make sure the place is easily accessible and that the parking facilities are adequate for the number of people you’re expecting. Any promotional materials you create must be practical and communicate all the essential details the customers want to know, including the date, location and exact time. The design should be attention-grabbing, and the materials, which can be distributed in physical or online spaces, must reach your target audience.

Practical considerations 

Although the beginning of winter is traditionally understood to be a time when massive sales occur, to the point when there’s not much else that business owners can focus on, there are other things you must be aware of to ensure your business remains a safe and comfortable space for both employees and your customer base. For instance, you must ensure all your floors are dry to avoid slips and trips. Anyone coming in from outside can carry snow, rain or sleet indoors, making surfaces possibly dangerous for individuals with balance issues.

Remove snow from parking areas and arrange for removal around your premises, including roads that lead directly to your shop. Carry an inspection on all your emergency power sources to ensure they operate in perfect working order. Your heating system should be fully operational, too, guaranteeing that employees can do their jobs well and that customers can shop comfortably. Make sure that all the inventory is kept away from damage, and protect all the piping susceptible to freezing. You don’t want to have to deal with reparation work during this time.

Preparing your business for the wintertime is quite challenging, but it’s important to remember that the well-functioning of your enterprise depends on how well-prepared you are.

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