Daily Caller’s ‘Rigged’ Reveals The Shocking History Of Voter Fraud In America

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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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You might think that rigged elections are a hallmark of petty dictators, banana republics and third world despotism. But the unfortunate reality is that election fraud is about as American as apple pie.

In the Daily Caller’s latest documentary, “Rigged,” we expose the decades of election interference, manipulation, and yes — rigging — that brought America to the brink in 2020. We prove that election fraud isn’t some rare phenomenon or abstract threat. It is lamentably a time-honored American tradition dating back centuries — of which both parties have been guilty.

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Americans have long thought of election fraud as a type of uncivilized corruption. We look at dictators in foreign lands who “win” 98% percent of the vote, and think scornfully: What backwards system — how can people be such suckers? The American system of checks and balances is too robust, the rule of law too entrenched, and besides — the American people are fundamentally honest and good. Something like that could never happen here. (RELATED: BETSY MCCAUGHEY: The Left Conspires To Keep Election Fraud Quiet. Wonder Why?)

Yet millions were forced to reckon with their faith in the system in 2020. Somehow, a man running a “Weekend at Bernie’s” presidential campaign won the most votes in American history. How could this be? The American people sensed that COVID panic, racial riots, rampant censorship and last-minute election changes all had something to do with it. But still, the idea of a “rigged” election felt unprecedented. It only occurred because Democrats had finally succeeded in shredding the constitution and bringing us into banana republic territory.

Even the GOP helped reinforce this message. In the aftermath of the 2020 election, conservatives devoted time and energy to solving abstract concepts like “election integrity,” hearkening back to a time when elections were “secure” — before the Democrats brought us on a roller coaster ride to hell. They cared more about ensuring the process was principled and regimented in theory rather than actually thwarting bad actors.

However, one of the biggest revelations in “Rigged” proves none of this is true. Our elections were never truly safe and secure as we imagined — it’s merely a comforting myth we tell ourselves. And it will take a lot more than empty platitudes to right the ship. Democrats might have shown us the most egregious example in 2020, but they nevertheless built on over a century of tradition.

The Daily Caller sets the record straight. We meticulously dig into the history of election fraud all the way back to original absentee ballots in the Civil War, where the governor of New York orchestrated the first ever mail-in voting scheme. We examine the careers of former presidents Jimmy Carter and Lyndon B. Johnson, both of whom had their own personal experience with election fraud. And we show how the same schemes are happening today, with no less than 1400 “proven cases” of voter fraud. That’s just a fraction of the total cases — so many more have never been proven in criminal trials because district attorneys are scared to touch them.

What this shows is that rigged elections are more common than we’d like to believe in America. The media wants us to believe it’s crazy to think voter fraud could ever happen here — that way, they can sideline anyone who says otherwise as a tinfoil hat lunatic and keep up the plausible deniability of their schemes. But to deny this reality is to give them an upper hand. With the knowledge of how voter fraud is done — and has always been done — Americans can be ready to counter it in the future. And here at The Daily Caller, we’re gearing up for the fight.

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