Chipotle Boycott Escalates: Nick Adams Issues His Demands

(Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

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Restaurant chain Chipotle is still fighting to prevent its alleged ‘misgendering’ controversy from escalating into a full Bud Light-style boycott after influencer Nick Adams issued a list of demands to halt his anti-woke campaign.

Posts about the Mexican-style restaurant were all over social media Tuesday after popular conservative commentator Nick Adams went viral vowing to boycott the brand. Some conservatives turned on the chain after one of its stores allegedly disciplined an employee for accidentally ‘misgendering’ a colleague.

Twenty-four hours later, Adams shows no signs of letting up and has issued a series of demands as the price for calling off his campaign.

The Australian-American influencer wants four “reparations” made to the “alpha male community“: “End Taco-Tuesday. Permanently. Everywhere,” “Sensitivity training for all employees and management to effectively accommodate alpha males,” “free double-protein for all alpha males in sweaty gym attire” and “4.7% of all 2024 profits must be donated to the Trump legal defence [sic] fund”.

Chipotle has yet to issue a public response to Adams’ ultimatum and the company’s Twitter account has been quiet since the furor erupted earlier this week. At the time of writing, it is still investigating the initial incident to verify that the incident took place as described online. (RELATED: Elon Musk Burns Mark Cuban’s Ridiculous DEI Take With One Simple Question)

The backlash follows a January post on the R/Chipotle Subreddit, where an alleged employee claimed he was written up by his general manager for ‘misgendering’ a new colleague he didn’t know identified as ‘non-binary’ for referring to him as ‘bro.’