HART: Fani Willis — I Ain’t Saying She A Vote Rigger, But She Ain’t Messing With No Broke Figures

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Ron Hart Contributor
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We know that voters no longer determine elections; the FBI, DOJ, CIA and various district attorneys do. Sadly, because of the likes of former FBI Director James Comey, Peter Strzok, Letitia James, NY County District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis and the various Deep State spy-ops in place, we cannot trust the system. 

Yet here we are.

The most recent lawfare by the Democrat-controlled Deep State is the embarrassing Fulton County DA debacle. The most absurd trial of the century just got real. And Democrats claim that it’s their best case against Trump.

In short, the Democrat district attorney is trying to prosecute Trump for a phone call he made looking for about 11,000 more votes for him. Pretty standard fare. Al Gore tied up the whole country after the 2000 elections in Florida trying to manufacture more “hanging chad” votes and leaving us without a clear president-elect for weeks. Coincidentally, “Hanging Chad” was my stripper name in college. 

Fani’s lover-turned-overpaid-special-prosecutor, Nathan Wade, has nothing on his résumé that would lead to him being involved in this. Per his firm’s website, he “practices Contract Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, and Criminal Defense. Our firm prides itself in working with the most prestigious corporations in Georgia.” He has never prosecuted a felony or handled a racketeering case. Hmm?

Yet in his testimony as to why he had so much “running around” cash on him, he said his clients pay him in cash. So we are to believe his clients, “the most prestigious corporations in Georgia” pay him in cash? He wrote off the exotic trips he took with Fani (thus reducing his taxes) but took in cash. I wonder how much of it he reported. And as just a small note, you cannot write off exotic cruises to Belize and Aruba, and Napa Valley wine tasting, with a lover. If we could, my buddies would have never owed any taxes.

Wade has a strong presence and intimidating demeanor, even in his Tom Wolf meets Mark Twain-looking white suits. His flat nose must be from chasing parked ambulances. But he clearly is not the best pick to prosecute this “case.” He is a Cobb County slip-and-fall attorney. 

Fani and our government hate us to have cash. We now have to report cash transactions, yet she said she paid Wade back with cash from her campaign (another admission worth investigating). “It just was not credible,” CNN legal analyst Michael Moore, a former United States attorney, said of Willis’ testimony about all the cash she had with no records of where it came from. “It reminded me of watching a criminal defendant take the stand.”

How many folks do you know who have built an honest net worth of $8 million on a government salary like Fani supposedly has, without having a checking account? This seems odd, and it stinks of George Soros. 

Trump’s net worth has gone down by billions since he entered politics, while “public servants” like Pelosi, Willis, Biden, Schumer, McConnell, Fauci and the like have seen their net worth skyrocket on government salaries. Hmm, nothing to see here.

The media tried to cover up Fani’s disastrous testimony. The New York Times gushed about her pink dress (it turned out she had it on backwards). It might become the second most famous dress in the history of Democrat perjury (behind Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress, of course). Maybe her dress was on backwards after a noon meeting where she and Wade examined briefs. 

And also, are we supposed to believe that two 50-year-olds start dating in 2019, taking many trips together, yet only had sex in 2022 right “after” she hired this slip-and-fall attorney (paying him at least $650,000) as special prosecutor? 

My prediction is that the judge who allowed cameras in the courthouse for this trial wants to be Judge Ito (of OJ trial fame) famous and doesn’t let go of the high-profile case. Expect a press release from the judge soon through his representative at the William Morris Agency.

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