REPORT: Couple Leaves Restaurant Without Paying, Allegedly Use Car To Run Over Waitress Who Chased Them Down

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Samuel Spencer Contributor
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Police are searching for a couple who reportedly dined and dashed before allegedly hitting their waitress with their car while fleeing the restaurant in Keego Harbor, Michigan.

The alleged incident occurred during the dinner rush on Friday night at El Camino restaurant, according to WXYZ, a local news outlet. A couple who looked to be in their 50s dined at the restaurant but reportedly had complaints from the start. After multiple drinks and appetizers, the couple allegedly decided to leave without paying, according to the outlet. Their waitress, Keirah Stack, followed them out to their car, where she reportedly intended to get the car’s license plate number. That’s when the couple allegedly ran her over, the outlet reported.

“She was unsatisfied with her drink, he said his beer was flat, so I proceed to make them more margaritas. I made them about three rounds of margaritas because they were not satisfied with any of the margaritas they had,” Stack told WXYZ. “After they drank about half of the margarita, they’d complain and ask for another one.”

While waiting for their entrees, the couple allegedly decided to leave without paying, says WXYZ.

“She said ‘No, we’re just going to leave.’ I said ‘OK, I’ll bring your tab over.’ As I start bringing the tab over, they get up and walk out and I said, ‘Absolutely not,'” Stack said.

Stack reportedly ran out of the restaurant and followed the couple to their car.

“I was like right in front of the headlight basically because as I said, she was rolling down the window. I thought they were going to give me money or something, and then he backed up and proceeded to run me over,” Stack told the outlet.

Customers inside the restaurant watched the alleged incident unfold, including Stack’s mother, who was inside the building, according to the outlet.

“I saw the tire tracks going across her legs and her foot, her ankle, and I couldn’t believe it,” Stack’s mother told WXYZ.

Stack stood in front of the couple’s car, but in a moment the driver allegedly drove into her and ran over her legs, reports CBS News. (RELATED: Mother Allegedly Drove Over Son After Forcing Him To Walk Home From School: Report)

Stack was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, says CBS.

Local authorities are continuing to search for the couple who allegedly ran Stack over with their car, WXYZ reported