‘Warzone’: Protesting Belgian Farmers Surround Govt Building, Spray Police With Liquid Manure


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Protesting farmers surrounded a government building Monday in Belgium as they sprayed police with liquid manure, according to The Associated Press (AP).

The farmers expressed their frustration with the Belgian government’s reliance on cheap imports from foreign countries by targeting the European council building and combating Brussels police, The AP reported.

“The European Quarter in Brussels looks like a warzone,” Media outlet Remix News and Video wrote on Twitter, alongside a video from the demonstration.

Farmers drove approximately 900 tractors to the city and made their way to the European council building, where the government’s agriculture ministers were meeting, according to The AP. They proceeded to throw eggs and flares at officers, who took cover behind concrete barriers and barbed wire.

Demonstrators also used their tractors to block traffic and public transportation as smoke clouded the area, the outlet reported. Police countered the protest by reportedly firing tear gas and water cannons at the farmers.

Belgian Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden called for authorities to identify “rioters” who inflicted physical harm and disobeyed police as some farmers drove their tractors past the barriers, The AP reported. (RELATED: Video Shows Protesting French Farmers Turning Stretch Of Highway Into Field)

“The right to protest is dear to us so it must be used with respect,” Verlinden wrote on Twitter.

Tensions continue to rise among protesting farmers and the governments across the European Union (EU). The demands of farmers have apparently been acknowledged by the EU presidency. The executive branch conceded to protesting farmers earlier in February by cancelling an anti-pesticide proposal, according to The AP.