‘WHAT’S THAT SMELL’: Pittsburgh Panthers Lacrosse Team’s Twitter Fuels Speculation That Ref Had Mid-Game Accident


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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The University of Pittsburgh women’s lacrosse team just mercilessly Twitter trolled a referee who appeared to have a brown substance running down her leg Monday.

WHAT’S THAT SMELL,” the team tweeted with a nose emoji. “It’s a Jill Fenech stanky leg after her first goal of the season!”

The tweet came after their 16-3 victory over Detroit Mercy, where one of the game’s referees appeared to have a sticky brown substance running down her leg.

Just absolute savagery from the Pitt social media department. (RELATED: NBA Franchise Heats Up Stephen A Smith Flame War With Hilarious Troll Tweet)

In all likelihood, the referee did not poop herself while refereeing a woman’s lacrosse game. If she did, I highly doubt she would just carry on reffing, but the Pitt tweet is obviously going to fuel speculation to the contrary.

It’s actually far more likely the ref opened up a cut on her knee and that the substance on her leg is dried blood, but there’s really no funny pun for a referee’s bloody knee … at least not one that’s PG-13 appropriate.

This poor lady, though. She is going to be hearing it from every colleague and co-worker for weeks after Pitt just blew up her spot like that.