‘Somebody Is Lying Here’: Nancy Mace Sheds Light On Hunter Biden’s ‘Defiant And Dishonest’ Testimony

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Republican South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace shed some light Wednesday on NewsMax TV over Hunter Biden’s “defiant and dishonest” testimony in front of congressional lawmakers.

Mace appeared on “Greg Kelly Reports” to discuss Hunter Biden’s closed-door testimony with Congress as part of the ongoing GOP-led impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden and his alleged involvement with his son’s foreign business deals. NewsMax TV Greg Kelly questioned the South Carolina representative on how the first testimony went, to which Mace stated that Hunter Biden had “directly contradicted testimony” from other witnesses interviewed. (RELATED: ‘Democrats Doth Protest Too Much’: Turley Blasts ‘Nonsensical’ Hunter Biden Defense)

“Well, it was interesting with Abbe Lowell right there. You know, he’s the lawyer that represents Senator Menendez, by the way, in another corruption case. But what I saw from Hunter Biden was that he was both defiant and dishonest and I’ll echo my comments from this morning, is that he directly contradicted testimony by at least three other witnesses at the oversight and or Judiciary Committee have interviewed over the last couple of months. So somebody is lying here about what was going on in these businesses and with Joe Biden’s involvement,” Mace stated.

Kelly continued to press the South Carolina representative by asking if she could detail more of the issues surrounding Hunter Biden. However, Mace stated that full details wouldn’t be given until the transcripts were released, but alleged that Hunter Biden would conveniently fall back on his drug addiction when not wanting to “answer a question.”

“I can’t go into specifics because we agreed not to do that until the transcripts were fully released. But I would say about, you know, the sources of income, where the money came from. He directly contradicted different witnesses, especially his business partner Devin Archer. He contradicted some of his closest friends who were also business partners on what was going on, when meetings were, when dinners were, when telephone calls were – for example,” Mace continued.

“It was convenient for him, though, because when he wanted answer the question, he made himself out to be the king of Georgetown, the smartest guy in the room. But when he did not want to answer a question, when he did not want to go into detail, then he would blame everything on the drugs. So like which is it? Were you the smartest guy in the room or were you high all the time? You can’t have it both ways all the time.”

Since the initial reports of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, the president’s son has continuously been sought after by Republicans over his business affairs, which allegedly allowed President Biden to profit off of them. Republicans say that Hunter Biden’s foreign deals spanned seven continents while involving a mass of shell companies and wire transfers.

During the hearing, Republicans were expected to bring forward evidence that included bank records, archived contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop and interviews from various business associates. Along with his testimony in the hearing, Hunter Biden has continued to claim that his foreign business deals “did not involve” his father.