Daily Caller Reporter Reagan Reese Questions Details Of Hunter Biden’s Testimony, Says GOP Need To ‘Push More’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller White House correspondent Reagan Reese questioned the details of Hunter Biden’s recent closed-door testimony for congressional leaders Friday on Newsmax and stated that the GOP needs to “push more” on the president’s son.

Reese appeared on “Carl Higbie Frontline” to discuss the transcript release of Hunter Biden’s testimony for the House Oversight Committee as House Republicans continue their impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden and his alleged involvement with his son’s foreign business deals.

Newsmax host Carl Higbie questioned the Daily Caller reporter on her thoughts regarding her deep dive into the transcripts, and if she believed even “moderate Democrats” were beginning to view Hunter Biden’s testimony as weak. (RELATED: Hunter Biden Only Remembers One Thing About Meetings He ‘Can’t Recall,’ And It’s That His Dad Wasn’t Involved)

“I was in the office late last night counting how many times Hunter Biden said ‘I do not recall’ – details about his father’s business meetings or any of his foreign business dealings,” Reese said. “But the one thing he could recall, which you mentioned, which was that his father wasn’t involved. But he could not recall key details about these meetings and different aspects that they were asking him about. So my question, Carl, is how can we trust Hunter’s testimony that his father wasn’t involved if he can’t remember any of these key details or just anything about these business meetings and his foreign business dealings, to begin with.”

“I mean there seems to be a switching of definitions here,” Resse continued. “We are referring to loans which Republicans are looking at as bribes. Again, when people are lying or not telling the truth – which I can not be completely sure if Hunter Biden is doing those things – they start to contradict themselves. They start to change their story, and change their facts, and not have all the answers. That’s definitely something that should be called into question with this testimony. Republicans, I think, should have to push more on Hunter Biden – especially, again, given how many times he seemed to not remember details. Republicans need to go back to Hunter Biden.”

Reese went on to call out the Democrat “talking point” of blaming Hunter Biden’s well-known drug addiction as a reason for why he is unable to remember certain aspects of his business dealings. Hunter Biden stated that he could not recall information about his business affairs at least 29 times, according to the transcripts released Thursday.

The president’s son has been in the media limelight since initial reports of his infamous laptop revealed to the public key aspects of his foreign business deals. Republicans within the House Oversight Committee have continued to highlight evidence found, alleging that due to Hunter Biden’s deals, President Joe Biden was able to profit from them. Investigations have additionally claimed that Hunter Biden’s deals spanned seven continents while involving a mass of shell companies and wire transfers.