Kamala Harris Calls For ‘Immediate’ Ceasefire At Gaza Strip

(Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Vice President Kamala Harris called for an “immediate ceasefire” at the Gaza Strip Sunday in Selma, Alabama.

Harris voiced her support for a ceasefire to the Israel-Hamas war while delivering remarks at an event commemorating the 59th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, CNN reported.

“Given the immense scale of suffering in Gaza, there must be an immediate ceasefire, for at least the next six weeks, which is what is currently on the table,” Harris reportedly said as the crowd erupted in cheers.

“Hamas claims it wants a ceasefire. Well, there is a deal on the table. And as we have said, Hamas needs to agree to that deal. Let’s get a ceasefire. Let’s reunite the hostages with their families. And let’s provide immediate relief to the people of Gaza,” the vice president continued, according to the outlet.

The Biden administration has faced increasing calls to support a ceasefire at the Gaza Strip due to the president’s initial support of Israel. More than 100,000 voters in Michigan’s Democratic primary cast their ballot Tuesday for “uncommitted” instead of Biden to pressure the president into changing his stance on this issue. (RELATED: ‘Pay Attention’; MSNBC Panelist Warns Biden Of ‘Big Problem’ Among Black, Arab Voters)

Israel has since backed out of peace talks in Cairo because Hamas refused to confirm which hostages are still alive, according to Haaretz. Israel “more or less accepted” a proposal for a six-week ceasefire in Gaza in exchange for a release of vulnerable hostages, an official told The Associated Press (AP), before the country opted out.

Israeli Minister Benny Gantz has planned to speak with Harris and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Monday, The Jerusalem Post reported. Gantz will also have dialogues with Democratic and Republican Congressmembers and the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) senior membership.

This comes after the U.S. delivered its first air drop of food aid to Gaza amid the conflict following Hamas’ Oct. 7, 2023 terror attack against Israel, which reportedly killed 1,163 people.