ATF ‘Firearms Expert’ Gets Roasted For Failing At Glock Disassembly … These Are The People Who Regulate Your Guns


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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The director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Steven Dettelbach brought a so-called “leading expert” to a Sunday appearance of CBS’ Face The Nation where he displayed a stunning inability to disassemble a Glock pistol.

Chris Bort, the ATF’s acting Chief of Firearm’s Ammunition Technology Division, hilariously struggled to disassemble a Glock slide, giving up after multiple tries and moving on to a different weapon.

Bort was roasted mercilessly online for his inability to perform the most basic of functions in the industry he’s supposed to be regulating.

Gun Owners of America put together a hilarious video edit with the “yep, that’s me” meme, noting “These are the so-called ‘experts’ at ATF.”

Another Twitter user, Austin Ramos, easily disassembled the same style weapon in seven seconds, noting that he was more qualified than the ATF’s “leading expert.”

In addition to Bort’s incompetence, Dettelbach himself appeared to display a stunning lack of knowledge on the subject matter for which he is the nation’s chief regulator.

At one point in the video he refers to a drum magazine as a “75 round clip.” A magazine, which feeds rounds into a firearm’s chamber, is different from a clip, which holds cartridges together. This is something I would hope any run-of-the mill firearms enthusiast would know, but apparently the freaking head of the ATF doesn’t. (RELATED: Fast-Rising Actor Shows Off Some Bad*ss Gun Skills In Viral Video)

The levels of stunning incompetence on display in this 20-minute fear porn extravaganza can’t be overstated. First, there’s the Bureau’s inability to find anyone more qualified or competent than these dinguses to do the interview. Then there’s the decision not to cut the obviously-going-to-go-viral clip of your weapons expert showing how bad he is with weapons.

Though the two feds definitely take the cake in this week’s idiot awards, an honorable mention goes to CBS. Instead of finding one of the many available weapons experts with media savvy to interview these two and ask actual questions, they use host Margaret Brennan, who doesn’t ask one difficult question or challenge any of the many dubious claims made by the “experts.”

This clip is everything that is wrong with America today. Stunning incompetence. Lazy journalism. A group of elites who want you to cede your weapons, your questions, your freedom to the government in the name of “the greater good,” all without being to explain how or why your sacrifice will actually net any legitimate benefit to anybody.