$190,000 To Escape Humanity? There’s A Job For You


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A job posting publicized Monday by the BBC sounds like the absolute dream if you’re looking to escape the modern world and leave this terrible timeline behind.

How would you like to make £150,000 (roughly $190,000) to escape into the wilds of Scotland? Well, now you can thanks to this brilliant job posting shared by the BBC. The Hebridean islands of Uist and Benbecula are looking to staff up their general practitioner (GP) practices, offering this massive payday (by British standards) to any doctors willing to live and work in one of the last refuges of stupid modernity.

Don’t worry if you’re not qualified as a GP or doctor, another island is looking to pay £68,000 (roughly $86,265) for a school teacher. The position will serve five elementary-aged children and two at Kindergarten age. However, if you’re an American considering this position, please note that most British children need to leave their first year of elementary being able to read and do basic math, so you might not be qualified enough for the job.

“It is not everybody’s choice to come and stay in a remote island community,” National Health Service for the Western Isles chief executive Gordon Jamieson told the BBC. “For healthcare professionals, when you choose a place like Uist and Benbecula, it is remote in terms of the job.” (RELATED: Phil Labonte Points Out Liberal’s Rude Behavior At Work, Prompting Epic Mental Breakdown You Just Have To Read)

While the rates might seem low to the American reader, the doctor’s salary is actually a 40% “enhanced rate” above the standard. The hope is to bring in someone who has a “sense of adventure and passion for rural medicine.” So whoever gets the medical job will probably be pretty cool.

And they’ll only have to serve around 4,700 people! What an absolute dream.