Boeing And The No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Week


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Boeing had a rough time with four of their aircraft experiencing a variety of problems this week alone including one incident alone on Friday.

United Airlines Boeing 737 experienced gear failure, leading to a less-than-perfect landing at a runoff at George Bush Airport in Houston, Texas, Friday, Express reported. (RELATED: ‘We Have An Emergency’: Plane Forced To Land After Losing Door During Flight)

The gear failure reportedly occurred during the last 30 minutes of the flight and led to the plane running off the runway during its landing, the outlet noted. Video of the incident showed the airplane apparently stuck in a ditch near the runway with its nose up, Express reported. All passengers of the flight thankfully managed to evacuate the plane safely and there have been no reported injuries from the ordeal, according to the outlet.

A video of the awkwardly landed aircraft was tweeted out by Vicki O., a travel enthusiast who took the footage, under the caption “So this happened today…”

The footage showed the Boeing aircraft off the runway in an uneven slanted position and people wandering on the airport’s runway. People were also captured in the clip exiting the awkwardly positioned aircraft.

This incident followed a different Boeing aircraft bound for Japan that was forced to make an emergency landing Thursday at Los Angeles International Airport, according to the New York Post. The aircraft, which carried 235 passengers, lost one of its six tires shortly after taking off from San Francisco International Airport, forcing the pilot to make the emergency landing. The fallen tire reportedly caused damage to several cars. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

The aircraft losing a tire was captured on video that was tweeted out by BNO News.

The video also showed the cars damaged by the impact of the fallen tire hitting a parking lot. Two Boeing aircraft experienced problems on Monday. One aircraft was forced to return to George H. Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport less than 15 minutes after takeoff after flames erupted from the plane’s engines according to the New York Post. No one was hurt during the incident.

Another Boeing plane experienced engine failure over the Pacific Ocean during a flight from Hawaii to California, reported. The aircraft managed to land in California and there were no fatalities or injuries during the flight, the outlet noted.