Teen Arrested After Street Brawl Captured In Graphic Video Leaves Girl In Critical Condition


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Police arrested a 15-year-old girl Saturday after she allegedly beat another teenager into critical condition at a Missouri high school, Fox 2 News reported.

Authorities found one girl suffering from a serious head injury following the fight on Hazelwood East High School’s campus, according to a spokesperson for the St. Louis County Police Department. The victim was later transported to the hospital, and is currently in critical condition after her head was repeatedly slammed into the concrete. On Saturday, Police arrested the 15-year-old suspect on assault charges, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Founder Of Missouri Christian Boys Boarding School, Wife Charged For Alleged Kidnapping And Abuse)

“It is a tragedy anytime children are hurt. Bullying and fighting in the community is an issue for which we all need to take ownership and work towards a resolution for the sake of our children,” Hazelwood School District said in a statement, according to Fox 2 News.

The video shows a crowd of what appeared to be teenage individuals gathered around a series of fights that broke out. In one fight, one woman could be seen shoving her opponent onto the pavement and hitting her. Following the violent assault, the woman disengaged and left her opponent visibly writhing on the pavement.

“The Hazelwood School District offers our sincerest condolences to everyone involved, and will offer additional emotional support from our support and crisis team to those in need. We look forward to continuing to partner with our community for the sake of our children. Please be kind and respectful of the families involved during this difficult time and pledge to help work toward the betterment of our entire community,” the district added in their statement.

One Twitter user referred to the video as “dystopian” on account that it displayed a crowd of people who were just “standing around either watching or filming or both” while a girl was “convulsing on the floor.”

“This literally made me cry. That poor girl seizing on the pavement. Who raises children that would do this with absolutely no remorse or restraint? The parents need to go to prison as well,” tweeted Victoria Sullivan, a former member of New Hampshire’s House of Representatives.