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Erdem Hospital: Your Destination for World-Class Medical Care

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In the heart of Istanbul, Erdem Hospital treats everyone like they’re the only VIP. It’s a spot where family values meet cutting-edge healthcare, now opening its arms wide to patients from every corner of the globe. As health tourism booms, folks are on the hunt for care that’s not just top-notch but also won’t break the bank, even if it means crossing borders. And in this growing niche, Turkey’s become a hotspot, with Erdem Hospital leading the charge, showing what it means to be truly world-class.

Mehmet Emin Külünk is the brains behind Erdem’s leap onto the global stage, carrying on a legacy that runs in the family—his dad was a doc, and that passion for healing runs in his veins. Külünk wasn’t new to the health tourism game when he stepped into Erdem; he’d been at it for seven years, dreaming of taking Erdem’s cozy, close-knit care and blasting it onto the world stage. His mission? To make sure anyone, anywhere, can get their hands on quality healthcare without it feeling impersonal or out of reach.

Image: Mehmet Kulunk – Member of the Board of Directors for the Erdem Health Group

Since it started accepting international patients in 2020, Erdem Hospital has become a hub for health tourism. Patients experiencing obesity, hair loss, dental issues, and more flock to Erdem Hospital for excellent medical care, affordable prices, and world-class customer service. Istanbul is a beautiful place to rest and recover after a medical procedure, made even more appealing by Erdem Hospital’s reputation for personalized care. Erdem Hospital accepts international patients but still feels like a family-run hospital. The personal touches provided by the staff make patients feel at home, even in a foreign country.

Erdem Hospital specializes in treating obesity and dental issues and performing aesthetic surgeries. Many patients have had successful hair transplants, bariatric surgeries, dental treatments, and plastic surgery operations at Erdem Hospital. The hospital has several divisions, like the dental clinic and Erdem Esthetic. The aesthetics department is well-known for its excellence in all standard plastic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, otoplasty, facelift, and more. Weight loss operations are another specialty of Erdem Hospital, which offers sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and transit bipartition procedures.

Being able to relax and experience a calming vacation after your aesthetic surgery is a significant bonus of health tourism. In a beautiful location like Istanbul, you can recover from your procedure, so you come back to your home country looking and feeling your best. While aesthetic procedures ultimately leave you looking fabulous, you may experience bruising and bandages in conspicuous places in the days after. Staying at Erdem Hospital to recover will give you a safe space to rest while swelling and bruises fade. When you look your best, you can go home and impress your friends with your new look.

Erdem Hospital is an ideal clinic for anyone looking for accessible, affordable healthcare. Take a flight and find top-tier care from trained professionals and a relaxing environment for your recovery. Surgery is a big step, no matter what the procedure. Ensure you are in good hands with Erdem Hospital’s expert physicians and specialists in aesthetics, plastic surgery, and dental care.

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