Dem Congressman Who Compared Latinos For Trump To ‘Jews For Hitler’ Doubles Down On Remarks

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Democratic Texas Rep. Vincente Gonzalez, who compared “Latinos for Trump” to “Jews for Hitler,” doubled down on the remark Thursday.

Gonzalez likened Latino supporters of 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to Jewish supporters of Adolf Hitler Monday in an interest with The New Republic.

“For [Republicans] to stay in power, even at the state level, they need to convince at least a percentage, even a small percentage, of Latinos to start voting Republican,” Gonzalez told the outlet. “If not, they will eventually lose elections.”

“If they didn’t have that racist, divisive element within their party, they would have a lot of Latinos, but they can’t seem to shake that off,” he continued. “The rhetoric you hear from the Republican Party is shameful and disgraceful for Latinos. And, you know, when you see Latinos for Trump, to me it is like seeing ‘Jews for Hitler,’ almost, you know?”

Gonzalez told Fox News on Thursday that he stands by his comments, blasting Trump and three GOP lawmakers. (RELATED: ‘Miss Frijoles’: Blogger Paid By Democratic Rep Viciously Attacks Rep. Mayra Flores)

“I’m stating the obvious. Mayra Flores champions President Trump, who was quoted calling hard-working Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals — saying they’re not our friends,” Gonzalez said. “She threw her lot in with Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos instead of with South Texans.”

Former Republican Texas Rep. Mayra Flores was defeated by Gonzalez in the 2022 Midterm Election after redistricting made the seat significantly more Democratic. The former congresswoman was first elected in a 2022 special election, and she became a powerful voice among Hispanics turning toward the Republican Party. Flores launched her bid to retake the state’s 34th District from Gonzalez in July 2023.