‘Her Credibility Is Shot’: Georgia State Senator Breaks Down Next Steps In Fani Willis Probe

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Georgia state Sen. Bill Cowsert outlined the next steps in the Fani Willis probe Monday morning on “Fox & Friends.”

Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing Trump’s election interference case in Georgia, declined to outright disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis Friday. Instead, he offered prosecutors the choice of having special counsel Nathan Wade withdrawal or having Willis and her entire office step down. Cowsert, the majority leader of the Georgia State Senate, told Fox News that the judge called upon the general assembly to pass “any laws necessary” against prosecutorial misconduct.

“The judge laid out that he was sort of handcuffed by the lack of very specific Georgia law to remove her. So he called on the general assembly to enact any laws necessary to put the proper guardrails around prosecutorial misconduct,” Cowsert said. “That’s something that our committee will be looking into as we delve into the facts and then what laws can be changed. That prosecutorial oversight commission you’re talking about can receive complaints of malfeasance in office by DAs, and can take action to either remove them from office if necessary or other punishment.”

“Right, but Bill, if you guys decide to change the law, it would ultimately not apply to this case,” Fox News co-host Steve Doocy said. (RELATED: ‘Blistering’: Former Acting AG Says Judge ‘Cut The Legs Out’ Of Georgia Trump Case)

“Exactly. Only in the future, so we would try to restore public confidence in the integrity of our judicial system by changing the laws to make it clear what conduct is permitted and not,” Cowsert replied. “The judge here said, her conduct was the appearance of impropriety, but not a direct conflict of interest. And, what he is basically saying is, ‘This may not be illegal, but it ought to be.’ And that’s gonna be our job to pass laws to make it very clear, we’re not gonna tolerate this behavior in Georgia in the future.”

“So, the question is, as they move forward, if she moved forward on the case, what kind of credibility does the prosecution have right now?” Fox News co-host Brian Kilmeade asked. “You know, in the people of Georgia right now, almost every poll, Trump is up four or five points. So, anybody who thinks that Trump is sullied and damaged goods, they haven’t told the people of Georgia.”

“Her credibility is shot. I mean, she loves the publicity. Obviously, seeking some type of higher office,” Cowsert said. “It’s sorta bitter on this case. It’s, it’s now negative publicity. She has no credibility left with the courts or with potential jurors. It seems to me it will hurt her ability to obtain a conviction.” Cowsert then suggested if Willis’ mission is to seek higher office, she may need to “step aside and have somebody new with expertise in this subject matter come forward to handle the prosecution going forward.”

Wade resigned Friday from working on Trump’s election interference case, as ordered by the judge. Additionally, the judge dismissed six counts of the indictment against Trump and his co-defendants earlier in the week.