‘It Was Amazing’: Video Emerges Of Cuomo Sexual Harrassment Accuser Praising Ex-Gov


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Video emerged of Charlotte Bennett, one of former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sexual misconduct accusers, praising the disgraced Democrat.

Cuomo’s attorneys argued that newly unsealed evidence including seven videos recorded by Bennett in 2019 and 2020 show that the former New York governor’s aide did not cite Cuomo himself among the reasons she was considering leaving the office, according to the Times Union. One video from Jan. 2020 showed Bennett talking while driving in a car about her relationship with Cuomo, describing her former boss as an “amazing” and “wonderful” person.

“Um, here is the big news. I – so I still haven’t heard from the senator, which, honestly, I think things are really bad between Cuomo and her right now, and I don’t really want… Cuomo and I – oh, I totally haven’t told you anything,” Bennett said. “We had this, like, deep, deep heart-to-heart. Like we were sitting there, just the two of us, in his living room like, in very casual clothing. Like, the most, like, casual person-to-person conversation I’ve had with the man. And he was like in tears.”

Bennett said she “had kind of given up hope about having those conversations” with Cuomo because she did not believe he was “capable as a person” and thought he would “disappoint” her. However, Bennett said she was amazed by Cuomo during the talk, during which they discussed an array of topics she listed that were silenced out of the video. (RELATED: Political Candidate Arrested For Allegedly Punching TikToker In Face, Police Say)

“Like, he was so amazing,” Bennett continued. “It was amazing. Um, and I think, like, I could have a relationship with him even after I leave, especially if I’m like a professional that’s like relevant to him in some way, like, I do think I could maintain that relationship.”

“The great moments I’ve had with him are very separate from the day-to-day reality of my actual work and my job,” Bennett said.

Bennett described Cuomo as a “wonderful person,” emphasizing that she and Cuomo “have these good moments, the two of us” while appearing to discuss whether she should leave her position. Bennett said she should not “stay” just because she had a pleasant conversation with the New York governor because she “still [had] to wake up at five fucking a.m.” with “people screaming at [her].”

Bennett alleged during an interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell in March 2021 that Cuomo tried to have sex with her after asking the former aide several personal questions about her history as a survivor of sexual assault and rape. Cuomo, who refused to admit any wrongdoing, resigned as governor after New  York Attorney General Letitia James’ report found that he sexually harassed 11 women.

This story has been updated to clarify the nature of the allegations.