Daily Caller’s ‘SICK’ Reveals Just How Much Money Big Medicine Made From COVID

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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Do doctors even have an incentive to cure you?

“Not really,” said holistic physician Charlie Fagenholtz, just one of the medical professionals The Daily Caller sat down with as part of our latest documentary, “SICK: Unmasking Big Medicine.”

“SICK” exposes the true incentives at play. The Daily Caller’s investigative teams uncovered how Big Medicine has its claws in every nook and cranny of the medical field: from physicians and hospitals to the very groups meant to work on the patient’s behalf. The incentives go beyond treating patients to milk cash cows. With COVID-19 vaccine developer Pfizer’s revenue nearly doubling in the first year of the pandemic, it’s no surprise they put on a million-dollar marketing campaign to sell us their shots.

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Think back to the early days of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Millions of Americans had already contracted the virus and over 300,000 had already died. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the vaccine for use in December 2020, calling it a “significant milestone” and “a true testament to scientific innovation and public-private collaboration worldwide.” Our deliverance had finally come, or so Big Medicine promised. We thought we would be allowed to move on with our lives after getting the shot. We were wrong.

Our leaders promised that vaccines would stop the spread of the virus and bullied us into getting the jab based on protecting others. It turns out this promise came with quite a few qualifications.

“When you get vaccinated,” Dr. Anthony Fauci assured us in 2021, “you not only protect your own health and that of the family but also you contribute to the community health by preventing the spread of the virus throughout the community.”

“In other words, you become a dead end to the virus,” he continued.

President Joe Biden echoed The Science in a 2021 interview.

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Biden said. “The unvaccinated. Not the vaccinated, the unvaccinated. That’s the problem. Everybody talks about freedom and not to have a shot or have a test. Well, guess what? How about patriotism? How about making sure that you’re vaccinated, so you do not spread the disease to anyone else.”

As is now common knowledge, the COVID-19 vaccines do not significantly reduce transmission of the virus. Early research showed that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines were modestly effective at stemming transmission of the virus. However, that efficacy was shown to wane over time, especially as new variants emerged. Current CDC vaccination guidelines recommend that everyone over the age of 5 continue to receive an “updated” COVID-19 vaccine to “protect against serious illness,” but there is no mention of vaccines preventing transmission as originally promised. Despite the promises of our leaders, it turns out this was always the chief purpose of the vaccines, and what Pfizer specifically tested theirs to do.

By 2022, we found out in shocking testimony that Pfizer never even tested whether their vaccines worked to stop transmission. When asked in an EU Parliament hearing whether her company tested for stopping transmission before rollout, Pfizer’s international director of developed markets Janine Small responded, “No.”

“Regarding the question around, did we know about stopping immunization before it entered the market, no,” Small said.

You had to get the vaccine. You might be young, fit and healthy with natural immunity, but you have to keep getting the boosters. But it won’t do anything to protect your community or the people you care about. So what does it do?

Well, it’s made a ton of money for a small group of people.

As “SICK” reveals, Pfizer’s 2020 revenue stood at $41.6 billion. As the vaccines rolled out around the world, that figure doubled to a whopping $81.2 billion in 2021. With the booster craze around new variants, that figure skyrocketed even higher, cresting at over $100 billion in 2022.  Revenue only declined in 2023 as demand fell for COVID vaccines — and the government stopped buying them. However, Pfizer’s 2023 revenue — over $58 billion — is still higher than what it was pre-COVID.

Vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer made out like bandits during the pandemic while Americans suffered. In fact, Big Medicine may have come out as the only winner. They built a reputation as heroes with those in the cult of Trust The Science™ , insulating themselves from public accountability while raking in billions to expand all the abuses that existed well before COVID.

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