Video Shows New Mexico Police Pursue Alleged Thief On Horseback

[Facebook/Screenshot/ Albuquerque Police Department]

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New Mexico police have released bodycam footage of a chase between one of their horse-mounted officers and an alleged thief fleeing the scene of a reported robbery.

The incident took place near a Walgreens in Albuquerque March 20, according to The Associated Press. The video, initially posted to Facebook, shows the officer on horseback closely pursuing the fleeing suspect, Marc Chacon, and trying to convince him to give himself up for arrest as Chacon professes his innocence.

Despite the policeman shouting several times, “you are being detained,” the suspect runs into the road in an effort to evade arrest. Chacon is eventually cornered by two more of the officer’s mounted colleagues and warned that force will be used against him if he does not comply with their instructions.

Eventually the three force him to the sidewalk before one officer dismounts and places the visibly exhausted man under arrest, handcuffing his hands behind his back with little resistance. (RELATED: Video Shows Arrest Of City Councilman Censured, Kicked Out Of Meetings Over Alleged Conduct Violations)

The man, 30, is alleged to have stolen $230 worth of goods from the Walgreens, according to Fox News, shortly before the nearby mounted police unit were alerted to a potential robbery. In addition to shoplifting he was also later charged with evading arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.