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Discover Why the Supra SV is the Best Luxury Wakeboarding Boat for 2024

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The Newest Supra Boats Model on Our Radar

Wakeboarding is an inherently exhilarating experience, but pair that with a luxury wake boat, and you are guaranteed a rush of adrenaline like no other. Supra Boats is the king of the elite sporting boat world, and their 2024 lineup is quite possibly their most impressive thus far.

New for the season is the Supra SV! It’s a true masterpiece of engineering. The high-powered, performance-driven work of art strikes the ultimate balance between luxury, strength, and advanced technology.

Supra SV is a Head Above the Rest

Measuring 21’10” in length and boasting 15 comfortable seats, the Supra SV’s aesthetically pleasing design draws the eye to its fine craftsmanship and sleek build.

Its performance on the water is unmatched, but its many advanced features are what truly set it apart from the crowd.

State-of-the-Art Audio System

Supra introduced their brand new, top-of-the-line DSD audio system this year. This system will rock your world by producing a crystal-clear sound that takes your music-listening experience to the next level.

Cutting-Edge Wake-Shaping Technology

The Supra SV will amplify your wakeboarding experience with its cutting-edge wake-shaping technology, specially designed hull, and launch control system. You’ll reach the ultimate heights as your wake boat creates some major waves.

Intelligent and Practical Design Features

The SV is a thing of beauty, and Supra’s thoughtful attention to detail also extends to its more practical features.

The Transom Rear Storage Locker is abundantly spacious, built to last, and protects your gear from the elements.

The newly added DropStep allows for hassle-free entry into and from the water. It only takes the touch of a button, and then a sturdy step emerges from under the swim platform for easy access into your Supra wake boat.

Where Sleek Design Meets Unparalleled Power

A hefty price tag is not the only thing that marks something as a luxury purchase. When it comes to finding the best wakeboarding boat, the balance of a daring aesthetic, cutting-edge technology, and immense power is the key.

The Supra SV delivers in every ring of the arena – from looks to technology to power.

The Look

Mastering the balance between aggressive styling and advanced functionality, the Supra SV is a genuine work of art.

To fully customize your design, Supra Boats has introduced four new striking colorways to ensure your wake boat reflects your personality: Spearmint, Slate Blue, Ultra Violet, and Arctic. The metallic flakes in the paint reflect off of the water, producing a mesmerizing effect that packs a visual punch.

The newly remodeled Supra windshield offers improved protection with its sleek, modern design. At the same time, its reimagined tower boasts innovation and style with an aesthetically pleasing structure that will make your wake boat stand out amongst the crowd. The integrated speakers in the side arms offer a supreme audio experience with the DSD audio system.

Tech Specs

Supra’s 2024 lineup highlights many new, driver-focused intuitive controls, including:

  • Enhanced Seat Controls – Intuitive, four-way movement adjustments offer extreme comfort, while a seat preset feature saves your ideal settings.
  • Electric Power-Assist Steering – A larger rudder paired with electric power steering makes manual steering a thing of the past.
  • Rudder Position Indicator – This real-time display reveals exactly where your boat is heading to keep you on course.
  • High Output Thrusters – High output thrusters navigate the water with the ultimate precision and control.
  • Expertly Redesigned Dash – Supra’s newly redesigned central hub contains three sizable touch screens used to control every aspect of your boat. It also has a wireless charging dock to keep all your devices at 100% capacity.

The Power

Three different performance-driven Indmar Marine engines, the 400, 450, or 575 Rouch Super Charged, have been redesigned from the robust Ford Raptor engine – giving buyers the opportunity to choose their level of super-charged strength. With its 6.2L 16-valve V8 structure, the Indmar Marine engine harnesses heightened power, increased fuel efficiency, and can reach new speeds.

Check out all of these remarkable features, and more when you get behind the wheel of your own Supra SV wake boat.

Supra SV for the Win

Luxury meets leisure with Supra’s wake boats. They are at the top of the pack in the world of luxury sporting boats, and their impressive 2024 lineup has something for everyone. Their new, technologically advanced features will elevate your wakeboarding experience to new heights.

Take the Supra SV for a spin and meet us out on the water.

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