Sound The Cuck Alarm: Weird Sex Fetish Couple Lives Out Gross Fantasy Publicly In Planet Fitness Weight Room


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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A weird couple engaged in sex fetish behavior publicly in a Planet Fitness weight room, a video Libs of TikTok shared to Twitter on Tuesday shows.

The video shows a man on his knees bowing down to a woman in workout clothes. She commands him to swap out her weight straps for her. “Hey bitch, switch.”

“Yes goddess, thank you,” he replies before changing her ankle straps.

She then commands him to bow and he complies.

The woman performs her exercises while the man lies with his face on the floor.

She then commands him to switch them again. After he complies she commands him to look at her and open his mouth. She then spits into his open mouth and he thanks her for it.

This is the state of masculinity in America in the year 2024. This woman metaphorically castrated the dude and paraded his chopped off nuts through town for all of Planet Fitness to see. (RELATED: ‘Judgement Free’ Gym Revokes Membership Of Woman Who Complained About Transgender Woman In The Locker Room [VIDEO])

Planet Fitness, by the way, is the same gym chain that revoked a woman’s membership after she filmed a man in the woman’s locker room out of fear for her own safety.

The soyboy chain, notorious for shaming guests who make too much noise or lift too much weight with a “Lunk Alarm,” is also known for their membership events like Pizza Monday and Bagel Tuesday. Seems counterintuitive to the healthy lifestyle you think a gym should be promoting but whatever, all is well in moderation.

But based on recent trends it seems like we’re not that far away from seeing “Spit In Your Mouth Sundays.”