Valerie Bertinelli Says She’s Dating Infamous Liberal Twitter Troll In Shocking Reveal

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Valerie Bertinelli, of “One Day At A Time” and “Hot In Cleveland” fame, revealed she’s dating infamous liberal Twitter troll The Hoarse Whisperer in a Tuesday Instagram post, according to People Magazine.

Bertinelli, who has been doing a press junket to promote her new cookbook, shared Mr. Hoarse’s blog post in which he raved about the book, writing “I just can’t with this man” and tagging him on Instagram in the post, according to People.

In the post, he also details the week he spent with her while Bertinelli, who lives in California, promoted the book in New York.

“So, the whole hectic shebang in New York, all the running around, it was all stuff for her book launch. I was just there to play the role of The Boyfriend. Supporting cast, not the star. Happy to be down in the credits,” he wrote.

Hoarse, who boasts over 400,000 followers on Twitter, has been a well-known agitator in online left-wing spaces for some time now.

He drew the ire of Bernie bros in 2019 when he hijacked a pro-Sanders hashtag and mocked the Senator’s 2016 candidacy for Presidency with a tongue-in-cheek satire that accused Sanders of torpedoing Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

Progressive figures from the online media immediately responded, posting some of his worst takes and working hard to identify the anonymous writer. (RELATED: ‘Outrageous’: Bernie Defends Tulsi Gabbard Over Russian Asset Smear Floated By Hillary Clinton)

The backlash got picked up by NBC, prompting establishment Democratic figures like MSNBC’s Stephanie Rhule and Biden administration official Neera Tanden to leap to his defense in now-deleted tweets reported on by Salon in 2019.

The coziness smelled way too much like Democratic machine politics, causing internet sleuths to ask the question: Who is “The Hoarse Whisperer”?

While none of their findings have been confirmed, numerous personal details Mr. Hoarse shared about himself, plus a series of direct messages sent to leftist podcaster Jack Allison (now deleted, but reported on in the Salon story) appeared to identify him as a long-time New York marketing consultant whose client list is a who’s who of corporations who seem antithetical to the core tenants of progressive politics.

According to a LinkedIn profile (which I’m abstaining from linking to for both legal and moral reasons), the profile picture looks suspiciously similar to the one on The Hoarse Whisperer’s Substack, his clients include Pfizer, Abbot Labs, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Verizon, General Motors, AT&T, Comcast and many, many more.

So Bertinelli is dating a left-wing shitposter who hates Trump but doesn’t want progress. When he’s not castigating Jan. 6th defendants or tweeting out snarky jokes about the former president, he’s bashing the Democratic party’s more progressive policies, most notably, when it comes to healthcare.

“A backhanded admission by Bernie that his Medicare for All ‘plan’ hadn’t really been thought through …” he tweeted in 2019.

Users quickly pounced on the potential conflict of interest, that is, if it is indeed true the writer is moonlighting as a Pharma consultant.

“How much money have you made from the healthcare industry?” user Jacob Bonfante asked in response.

If The Hoarse Whisperer really is dating Bertinelli, and the pair continue to be as openly gushy about it as they have been, it seems likely their torrid love affair will inevitably expose his true identity after all these years.

The question is, if his true corporate ties are laid bare for the public to feast their eyes on, will anybody still be able to seriously consider his opinions on healthcare policy or telecom monopolies objective knowing he represented the largest stakeholders in those industries? Only time will tell.