‘A Few Idiots Out There’: Video Shows Two Men Destroying Ancient Rock Formation

YouTube/Screenshot/FOX5 Las Vegas

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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National Park Rangers at an ancient rock formation in Nevada are trying to identify two men seen allegedly rolling boulders off a cliff in a video posted on social media, the Sacramento Bee reported.

The viral video is believed to be from the evening of April 7 at the Redstone Dune Trail, located in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, according to the Sacramento Bee.

@dailymail Authorities are on the hunt for a pair of men who toppled several ancient rocks at Lake Mead National Park. 🎥 Touronsofyellowstone #vandalism #crime #nevada #nationalpark #lakemead #shocking ♬ original sound – Daily Mail

A little girl can be heard screaming “Don’t fall, Daddy!” as two men appear to push chunks of red rock off a cliff. One of the men stumbles a bit but is able to stabilize himself without falling off the ledge. (RELATED: REPORT: National Park Finds 9 Pounds Of Human Waste, Graffiti And Carvings On Beloved Nature Trail)

“It takes millions of years for these rock formations to form and then you get a few idiots out there that are destroying all that work of nature,” Lake Mead National Recreation Area spokesman John Haynes said. “It’s pretty appalling. It’s kind of disgusting.”

Haynes told FOX5 Las Vegas that the national park is large and hard to patrol, adding, “It gets pretty difficult based on our staff levels to be everywhere all at once.”

If convicted, the two men could face up to six months of jail time and a $5,000 fine, Haynes told FOX5 Las Vegas.

Others have been caught on film and charged with toppling protected rock formations, including two Boy Scout leaders knocking boulders over in Goblin Valley State Park who had to pay thousands in restitution, FOX5 Las Vegas reported.

Visitors to Lake Mead National Recreation Area commented on the viral video, saying, “Why were they doing that?” and “I believe in Darwin. They should have gone down with the rock.”

Rangers are asking anybody in the area at the time who might have information to contact them, the Sacramento Bee reported.