EXCLUSIVE: Overwhelming Majority Of Swing State Voters Oppose More Ukraine Funding Without Border Deal, Poll Finds

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Battleground state voters are growing hesitant on sending additional aid to Ukraine and are more focused on border security in the U.S. as border crossings and illegal immigrant apprehensions have hit record highs under the Biden administration, according to a poll obtained first by the Daily Caller.

The poll was conducted by The Heritage Foundation between April 2-4 and asked a group of 1,000 voters about what they believe is more important, sending more aid to Ukraine or protecting the southern border. Specifically, the voters were asked how close they are to paying attention to both topics, if protecting the border is more important than providing funds to Ukraine and what the best approach would be in handling both situations.

According to the polling, 10% of the voters are “very closely” following news about the war in Ukraine, 41% are “somewhat closely” following it, and 36% are “not very closely” following it. Thirteen percent are “not at all closely” following it and 1% were “not sure.”

As for the southern border, 22% of voters said they are “very closely” following news about the situation at the southern border. 42% said they are “somewhat closely” following it. 24% say they are “not very closely” monitoring it and 11% say they are “not at all closely” following what is happening at the border.

Voters were then asked if it is more important to secure the border or to provide funding to Ukraine, to which 50% said securing the southern border was more important. 11% it is more important to provide funding to Ukraine and 29% said it is equally as important to secure the border as it is to provide funding to Ukraine.

“Everyday Americans are fed up with rubberstamping the Swamp’s endless Ukraine funding. Heritage’s latest polling reveals that not only are moderate voters in battleground states more interested in securing our own borders, they believe we have already spent enough helping Ukraine—and rightfully so,” Dr. Kevin Roberts, president of The Heritage Foundation told the Caller. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: GOP Civil War Deepens As Senators Claim McConnell Threw Party’s Voters ‘Under The Bus’ On Ukraine, Border)


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“The United States has already sent more than $113 billion in aid to Ukraine with no debate, no clear strategy, no spending offsets, and no real accountability. Alarmingly, two separate Pentagon audits reveal that large tranches of this funding are mostly unaccounted for. That’s unacceptable,” Roberts added. “Not a single U.S. taxpayer dollar should be going to Ukraine until our own borders are secure, Biden proposes a coherent strategy for ending the conflict, and full accountability for past and future funding secured. The American people know they deserve better and expect policies—and leaders—that put their country first. Congress would be wise to listen to them.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: JD Vance Introduces Bill To Condition US Aid To Ukraine)

The poll surveyed 1,000 Swing Voters in battleground states from April 2-4. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.1%.