Illegal Migrants Allegedly Turn New York Block Into Dirty Open-Air Market Rife With Sex Workers, Stolen Goods: REPORT

(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

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An entire stretch of the streets of New York has reportedly been given up to illegal-immigrant street vendors peddling allegedly stolen goods, in addition to open-air prostitution, with police seemingly unable to stem the wave of alleged criminality.

Shopkeepers on Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, NYC, are alleging that illegal immigrants are routinely ransacking their stores and selling their goods on the street at a discount, mere feet from where they committed their alleged crimes, according to the New York Post. Residents also allege that sex workers remain a constant nuisance in the area despite efforts to shut down local brothels in recent months, the outlet reported.

Some arrests are made in the area to little effect, according to the Post. Local pharmacist Milton Reyes told the outlet potential customers did not want to be dropped off in the area due to the alleged criminality and prostitution.

“I’m not faulting the police,” he reportedly continued. “They will come by and they will pick up a few of them. But as soon as the police car pulls away, they start moving back. Twenty minutes later, they’re all set up again like nothing happened.”

One unnamed police officer told the Post the problem is due to inadequate local governance. “Roosevelt Avenue is the microcosm — a perfect storm composed of lunatic legislation that prevents enforcement of laws and the subsequent punitive results,” he told the outlet.

The prostitution issue has been the subject of discussion with legislators in the city for months, with Mayor Eric Adams acknowledging to Pix11 News in November that the escalating numbers involved in sex work in Jackson Heights is driven in part by illegal immigration from Venezuela. (RELATED: 17 Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Solicit Open-Air Prostitutes: REPORT)

The Mayor told reporters that immigration issues in the city play a key part in the growth of illegal activity, the video by Pix11 News showed. “We are going to create generational problems, based on the failure of the national government, and that is one example of that,” he said.

Democrat Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz seconded his sentiment. “Until we have a more holistic approach [to immigration and crime]; having the hard conversations, we’re not going to see an improvement,” she told the outlet.