‘I Want That Monstrosity Moved Off My Land’: Developers Build House On Wrong Plot, Sue Owner For Not Letting It Be

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Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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House developers accidentally built a three-bedroom house on a plot of land in Hawaii without the consent of the landowner, Island News reported.

The developers are now suing Annaleine Reynolds, the woman whose land they accidentally built on, who they maintain has shot down their efforts to arrive at a fair settlement, the outlet noted.

“I want that monstrosity moved off my land,” Reynolds said in court on Friday, the outlet reported.

“They [the plaintiffs] admitted from the beginning they made a mistake and now they’re making me pay for it,” Reynolds told the outlet. “And I mean I am the landowner — but it’s like I don’t even feel like I’m the landowner because they’re doing all these different things and now they’re suing me on top of that. It just feels terribly unjust.”

Reynolds, a California resident, is an energy healer and relationship coach for women, Inside Edition reported. She claims that she only learned of the developers building on her property back in June when a real estate agent phoned her telling her that her property was sold, the outlet noted. (RELATED: ‘Grave Threat’: Calls Mount For SCOTUS To Intervene In Key Climate Lawsuit Against Major Energy Companies)

Reynolds purchased the land, which she says has sentimental value for her due to it aligning “with my birth chart and the birth chart of my children,” several years ago in a tax auction, Island News reported. The developers claim that they offered her the pick of other comparable lots and that their company owns thousands of such lots, of which dozens are currently on the market, the outlet noted.

James Dipasquale, the attorney for Reynolds, disputed the developer’s account by claiming that the only proposal on the table was an adjacent lot, the outlet reported.

“The fact that she acquired this lot, the fact that she did not know, consent to, authorize the construction, that she had very little little communications with these other sides until basically this lawsuit. They attempted to force her to swap lots and now that she’s not complying, they sued her,” Dipasquale told the outlet.