MLB Broadcasters Humbled After Getting One Hilariously Wrong


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New York Mets announcer Gary Cohen displayed the commentator’s curse in perfect fashion Wednesday. 

After laughing at the Mets’ opponent, the Pittsburgh Pirates for aligning their defense to play for a bunt, the Mets made Cohen look silly by bunting.

“The corners are in against McNeil expecting a bunt, I don’t think so,” Cohen said confidently. “I mean do they scout these teams?” 

“Maybe they don’t,” his broadcast partner added. 

“It’s your five-hitter in the lineup, you’re gonna bunt your five-hitter?” the booth’s third man Keith Hernandez added. 

“I mean, who thinks that Jeff McNeil is gonna be bunting?” Cohen asked, incredulously.

“Watch him bunt,” Hernandez joked prophetically. 

“A batting champion two years ago,” Cohen added right before McNeil bunted. 

“And then he lays down a bunt so there you go,” Cohen said sheepishly. 

“Gare, repent!” Hernandez joked after the fact. 

This is just proof that God has a sense of humor. McNeil never bunts. And Gary Cohen, one of the best broadcasters in baseball and all sports media, is almost never wrong. But sometimes when you come out and say something as confidently as Cohen did, the universe says, “I hear you buddy, watch this.” 

The old commentator’s curse is rearing its ugly head. If an announcer says, “So-and-so hasn’t struck out with a lefty on the mound in 57 at-bats,” — of course, boom, the batter strikes out. 

At least Cohen had a good laugh about it though.