‘I Have Rights To Be Here!’: Screaming Protester Dragged Out Of Biden Event During Kennedy Appearance On CNN


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A screaming protester was dragged out of a Biden campaign event in Philadelphia Thursday as Kerry Kennedy appeared on CNN.

Members of Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s family snubbed their relative to throw their support behind President Joe Biden’s reelection bid. As Kerry Kennedy was explaining the endorsement to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer ahead of the event, a shrieking protester could be heard lashing out in the background.

“I have rights! I have rights! I have rights to be here!” the protester was heard shouting.

A video posted on Twitter by NTR News’ Iris Tao appeared to show another angle of the protester being pulled from a crowd at the event as he continued to yell.

Kerry Kennedy appeared to be startled by the screaming protester as she continued her remarks uninterrupted. She told Blitzer that a vote for “somebody else,” such as her brother, was “a vote for Trump,” as the demonstrator shouted. (RELATED: School District Pushes Back Against ‘Furry’ Allegations After Students Stage Protest)

“As you know, Kerry, the Biden campaign is concerned that your brother will potentially take votes away from President Biden in some of the very key and close swing states. Are you concerned that your brother will play potentially a spoiler role in this election?” Blitzer asked.

“You know I think we all know this is going to be a very, very close election. So the only way Biden will win is [if] everybody comes out and votes. That’s the way Biden wins. So we need everybody to come and vote. Vote for President Biden. You vote for somebody else, that’s a vote for Trump. Don’t do that. Vote for Biden,” Kerry Kennedy told Blitzer despite the loud noise.

The Democratic National Committee has recently prioritized efforts to combat the threat they believe RFK Jr. and other third-party candidates pose to Biden’s reelection bid. The Independent candidate’s siblings — Kerry, Rory, Joseph, Kathleen, Christopher and Maxwell — along with nine other Kennedy family members endorsed Biden Thursday in Philadelphia.