Gas Prices Soar Above Federal Minimum Wage In California: REPORT

(Photo Illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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One gas station in Menlo Park in California’s Bay Area reportedly already exceeds the federal minimum wage as of Monday.

The Menlo Park Chevron gas station price is listed as $7.29 a gallon of regular unleaded gas, according to data from GasBuddy, an app for gas station prices.

One Twitter user appears to have posted an image of this station. “One gallon of gas (Menlo Park) above the federal hourly minimum wage,” Scott Budman tweeted.

Federal minimum wage stands at $7.25 per hour — four cents below the price at that particular gas station — the U.S. Department of Labor noted.  The minimum wage in California was set at $16.00 per hour, according to the state’s Department of Industrial Relations. Prices at gas stations statewide in California stand at $5.43 per gallon, well above the nationwide average of $3.68, according to AAA Gas Prices. California’s gas prices are up from an average of $4.90 per gallon last year, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Gas Prices Creeping Higher Again As Election Cycle Heats Up)

The White House has acknowledged that it is monitoring the rising costs at the pump, NBC News reported.

“There are of course things that have been done in the past and we’ll continue to very closely monitor, make sure that gas prices remain affordable for so many American families going into the summer driving season,” National Economic Advisor Lael Brainard said, according to the outlet.  “We’re highly attentive to the international oil markets and domestic gas prices. We’ll continue to monitor closely and want to make sure that those gas prices remain in current ranges.”