OnlyFans Performer Farha Khalidi Says She Was ‘Black Pilled’ After Making ‘Political Propaganda’ Ads For Biden Admin


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Internet personality and OnlyFans performer Farha Khalidi stated during a podcast she was “black-pilled” after making “political propaganda” ads on TikTok for the Biden administration.

Khalidi and another ex-Muslim OnlyFans performer, Jazmen Jafar, joined political science researcher and commentator Richard Hanania on his podcast to discuss her introduction to making money online through TikTok. In a clip of the podcast posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) Hanania began by asking Khalidi if she began making money on TikTok and OnlyFans while she was still in school. (RELATED: Meet The Former Lawmakers Who Helped Spearhead TikTok’s Multi-Million Dollar Lobbying Effort On Capitol Hill)

“So you were in school — you were still in college when you started as a TikTok person, right? Or did you start OnlyFans when you were in school, too?” Hanania questioned.

“No, I started TikTok, like, the spring semester of my senior year and I was like, ‘Fuck, I finally have to start applying for law school,’ and then, like, you know, female privilege: ‘life so easy for a woman.’ Obviously, I lucked out. No, I’m just kidding. [But] I lucked out and then TikTok was basically full-time for me. Like, I was taking ads by the time I graduated college from, like, the Biden administration, Planned Parenthood and, like, dating apps and stuff. So it was, like, fully financially sustaining me,” Khalidi said.

Hanania noted Khalidi’s claim of making money from the Biden administration, to which the social media personality admitted she was making “political propaganda” ads. As an example, Khalidi was asked to promote then-Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson “as a brown person” after her nomination to the high court by President Biden.

“So you were getting — the Biden administration was buying ads from you?” Hanania asked.

“Yeah, I was doing full-on political propaganda,” Khalidi stated.

“Oh really? Biden was just, like, creating [jobs]—” Hanania began.

“Yeah, honestly. The funny thing is they’re, like, ‘Do not disclose this as an ad’ because they [were], like, ‘Technically, it’s not a product, so you don’t have to disclose it’s an ad.’ Because I think they just wanted, like, some edgy girl of color to just tell people — like when they nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, they’re, like, ‘Can you say ‘as a person of color,’ you know, that you feel ‘reflected?”” Khalidi relayed.

“It’s, like, a white woman emailing this and she’s giving me this script. And I’m, like, ‘No,’ and she’s like, ‘Please,’ and I’m like, ‘No.’ I’ll talk about the news of it, but I’m not gonna be like — I’m not gonna have a white person tell me to be, like, ‘This is how I feel as a person of color.’ It’s just so — I think that black-pilled me slightly on political propaganda.”

While Khalidi later clarified the Biden administration was using a “conduit” through a third-party media company, Hanania called out the message which was sent to viewers through the ad.

“So the Biden administration sees, ‘Oh, here’s this young, dark-skin—” Hanania started.

“I mean they use a conduit. It’s kind of, like, you know what I mean? It’s not Biden, but it’s, like, a third-party. You know what I mean? It’s, like, a media company that’s doing it on his behalf. I’m not blaming him for this,” Khalidi responded.

“Yeah, and the message is, like, ‘Because you’re a dark-skinned woman, you will be inspired by Ketanji Brown Jackson and all the kids should support her?'” Hanania pressed.

“Yeah, they’re basically [saying], ‘As, like, another black person, can you just say that you feel reflected by Ketanji?’ I’m like, ‘No, I’ll talk about Ketanji’s background and her accomplishments,’ but you know what I mean? I’ll never — I’m not gonna say, like, the corny stuff, even if it was a brown person emailing it to me,” Khalidi stated.

Since the 2021 inauguration, the Biden administration has engaged influencers to promote the White House’s messaging as well as that of the campaign. Prior to the president’s 2024 State of the Union address, Biden invited dozens of social media creators to the White House in order to brief them on his message beforehand, according to Wired.

Some online influencers, however, are beginning to call out Biden following his support and signing of legislation which included provisions to potentially ban TikTok in the United States. The recently signed law gives TikTok’s CCP-linked parent company, ByteDance, roughly nine months to sell the platform in order to continue operating in the country.

Lawmakers have rallied behind stricter restrictions on the platform’s owner as reports allege that U.S.-based TikTok executives were “complicit” in handing over American users’ data to China. TikTok, however, has denied the allegations.