Video Shows School Brawl That Allegedly Led To Gunshot, Five Injured Off-Campus

Lisa Moore Contributor
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A massive brawl that broke out at Norland Senior High School in Miami Gardens Monday resulted in the hospitalization of five gunshot victims at a nearby home off-campus, Miami 10 reports.

The fight seemed to involve two groups of girls, witnesses told multiple news outlets.

“I know there was some girls fighting. I don’t know what for. I think they was fighting because some beef, some smack talk,” Norland student Jamari told NBC6. “I know there was two fights, one outside of the school and one happened around the back over there. It did look like a lot of people, like a lot of jumping. Two girls or two or three girls on each side.”

Police stated that a parent went to one of the teen’s homes on Northwest 197th Street to speak with a parent when the next altercation occurred, NBC 6 reports.

“We have five victims. Three adults, two juveniles. The altercation started at [the school] with kids getting into a fight. One of the parents came over to speak to another parent and that’s when another altercation happened. An argument started and someone fired,” Diana Delgado, a Miami Gardens Police Department spokesperson, told WSVN. (RELATED: ‘Everyone Must Die’: Police Arrest Florida High Schooler After Allegedly Crafting Viral School Shooting Threat)

One of the adults fired a shot at the ground that ricocheted, according to multiple reports. All five victims were shot with nonfatal injuries in the leg and hospitalized, multiple outlets report. The teens, reportedly ages 14 and 19, were transported to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood while the adults were transported elsewhere, WSVN reports.

To investigate the area, Police and ATF agents placed the school on a temporary lockdown, which they lifted Tuesday, according to Local 10. The origins of the fight remain unknown, the outlet reports.

No arrests have been made, NBC 6 reports.

Police have detained a person of interest, but the investigation is ongoing: the identity of the shooter or amount of firearms involved is not yet clear, WSVN reports.