Small Business Owner Says She’s ‘Struggling’ Under Biden Policies, Faced Alleged Backlash After Trump Support

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Small business owner Shana Gray stated Friday on Fox News she’s “struggling” under President Joe Biden’s policies and has now allegedly faced backlash after supporting former President Donald Trump.

Gray appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss alleged backlash since joining Trump on stage at the Waukesha County Exposition Center in Wisconsin earlier this week, according to the Urban Milwaukee. Fox host Laura Ingraham began by questioning the co-owner of vegan restaurant Gray Jett Cafe to ask about an alleged incident that occurred at the store after speaking with Trump. (RELATED: Latest Productivity Data Spells More Trouble For Future Of American Economy)

“It has been a very eventful week or couple weeks, so to speak,” Gray stated. “Ever since my Fox interview about a week, two weeks ago, I’m not really sure, I’m not accurate on the date. But I just pretty much put a plea out there to the administration of which I voted for, to let them know that I am a struggling business owner. I’m just looking for change to pretty much help me and people of my community.”

“Understand my cafe was created to be a space, a community space, to provide not just good vegan food, but a very safe space for people to come and have conversations,” she continued. “Of things and topics that are affecting them. One of the number one topics affecting them was inflation and how a lot of them are feeling anxious, don’t know about tomorrow, making decisions at the gas pump and at the grocery store of how they’re going to care for their families. I resonated with that as well.”

“So I was given an opportunity to have a platform to speak up for not only myself, but others that are in my community, which is an array of people. Whether black, brown, Latino, Asian, all of us, white Americans that are suffering. We have these conversations and we speak about how we need change, so I took that opportunity,” Gray added.

Ingraham continued to press Gray on Biden’s remarks to the Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce in December 2023 stating his support for “black small businesses” as everyone benefits from the growth. The Fox host asked Gray how it’s been for black business owners in the state, especially in “the restaurant business under Biden.”

“Well, Biden, he was doing, you know — he said some great things. Those were very accurate things. But I have to say that as a person that is being very much so affected by the changes currently in the economy, such as things like inflation, it’s kind of hard to see that dream that he spoke of,” Gray concluded.

In recent polls conducted by NBC News, Trump has dominated over Biden for voters’ trust in dealing with inflation and cost of living, which are top concerns for voters this coming November, the outlet reported. In a poll of 1,000 registered voters nationwide 52% of voters stated that they believe the former president would have a better handle on inflation and the cost of living, while only 30% showed support for Biden on the issue.

Additionally, U.S. productivity growth slowed in 2024, potentially signaling an uphill battle for America’s economic future growth. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released Thursday showed that business productivity slowed to 0.3% in 2024’s first quarter, dropping from the 3.5% rate in Q3 2023.