Apple’s Latest Ad Promises Its New iPad Will Literally Crush Everything Bringing Real Value To Your Life


Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A new 60-second ad by Apple shows a giant industrial machine crushing art supplies and equipment, including statues, a vinyl, a piano, tuba, metronome, arcade set, lights, guitar and books, among other items. 

Paint bins on top of the piano splash everywhere at the beginning of the commercial, played to Sonny & Cher’s “All I Ever Need Is You.” After the machine crushes the items, it lifts up again, revealing an iPad that has a screensaver that resembles the paints.

A narrator says, “The most powerful iPad ever is also the thinnest.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted out the commercial and said, “Meet the new iPad Pro: the thinnest product we’ve ever created, the most advanced display we’ve ever produced, with the incredible power of the M4 chip. Just imagine all the things it’ll be used to create.”

One X user tweeted, “Demonic inversion. You say “Just imagine all the things it’ll be used to CREATE.” But the video shows a thousand beautiful things being DESTROYED.”

The same X user followed up and tweeted, “Everything beautiful, charming, and analog will be destroyed by a flat black screen. You must never see a sculpted bust. Never hear music from an actual instrument. Never feel the texture of real things. A silicon slab (and Tim Cook) will permanently stand between u and the world.”

The same Twitter user said, “Tim Cook has unfortunately gone full Matrix.”

Another user tweeted, “The irony is that to truly appreciate the arts it must be in their natural state (painting a canvas, listening to music, building a statue, etc) you don’t need an ipad. However Apple disagrees, as the message is clear here: that the iPad will replace art after it bastardize them.”