Frat Bros Challenge Antifa To Push Up Contest


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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A group of fraternity boys at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle were caught on video Tuesday throwing down an unexpected challenge to Antifa members seen on campus — a push up contest.

Video footage recorded by journalist Jonathan Choe was posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) showing the showdown between a group of reported fraternity boys and a handful of Antifa members. As one Antifa member could be heard mumbling into a megaphone, two boys were seen talking to the members as Choe is heard saying, “They’re challenging Antifa to a push up contest.”

“Let’s do some push ups!” a crowd member could be heard yelling and clapping.

“Where are you going to do pull-ups at? Go do pull-ups on that tent. Right now, if you do more pull-ups than me — you go first,” the Antifa member teases.

One reported frat member could be seen continuing to challenge the Antifa member, gesturing out his hand to the activist while two other members on his side held out umbrellas. Choe could be heard commenting behind the camera as he walked around the group saying, “I never thought I’d see this. Antifa is being challenged by frat boys to do push-ups.”

“You think this is about strength. It’s about ideas,” he continued before explaining that he’s “built” like a circle and the student is built like a vertical line.

“I don’t know brother. My ideas are strong. I bench 225, you bench — I don’t know —,” the student responded before the crowd began to cheer.

Before the Antifa member could respond, a second person with a megaphone is seen yelling at the Antifa member causing the activist to divert his attention before the clip ends.

The group had been on campus in response to Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk holding an event on campus for Kirk’s Live Free Tour, according to flyers circulated online. On Monday, Choe posted flyers reportedly from Seattle’s Antifa protest network which called for members to “gather” friends in order to “disrupt, oppose, and reject white supremacy, Zionism, and Christian nationalism,” the flyer stated. Members were additionally encouraged to wear all black clothing, otherwise known as black bloc, and travel in groups.

A second flyer claimed that UW was “endangering students” due to Kirk speaking on campus as he was set to be hosting “within yards of the liberated zone that was set up by students in support of a Free Palestine.” Activists were encouraged to call or email school administrator’s to cancel the event and “keep students who are practicing their 1st Amendment right safe,” the second flyer stated.

While the event remained undisrupted by the activists, Choe and his security guard were seen on video in an altercation involving some Antifa members. From the footage it is unclear how the altercation began, however, Kirk posted online that Choe and the guard had been “attacked” by multiple Antifa members, stating that Choe’s “security was punched multiple times and bloodied before he and Choe fled.”

Kirk confirmed that police were on scene after the incident, it is unclear though if any charges were pressed.