Jason Fyk

Jason Fyk

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Jason Fyk is a widely-recognized social media entrepreneur and owner of WTF Magazine, a successful internet-based online magazine and social media network. Jason is a no-nonsense business man. He is a forward thinker and marketing specialist.

Jason began his entrepreneurial path at a young age. Having two self-made, business-oriented parents, he entered the self-employed world at the age of 23 selling Jeep parts on eBay. When the market for sellers became soft in online eBay sales, Jason transitioned into real estate. Leveraging property and finances, he built himself a small property investment company. When the market went soft in real estate, Jason once again looked ahead to the future in social media and marketing online.

Soon after he started his online magazine, Jason unexpectedly found himself fighting false charges by corrupt law enforcement, which devastated his newly found business. After successfully beating the charges, he quickly recognized his business was in shambles and searched for a way to re-establish his financial success. Jason turned to Facebook and began accumulating massive distribution through social media channels. Following a full blown Chapter 7 bankruptcy, he realized his numbers on social media could be utilized to market for other companies. Now with over 30 million total fans, Jason Fyk has, in less than two years, turned a failed financial disaster into a self-made millionaire’s success.

Jason’s real world experience in social media has put him at the forefront of the industry. His diversified skills include websites, application development, social media consulting, marketing management, sales, motivational speaking, brand awareness and product development.

Jason has now published his first book, Mags to Riches, which tells his real life experience of going from jail, to penniless, to self-made media millionaire. His second book, Numbers and Nightmares, is currently in the works.

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