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Lori Ann LaRocco is the Senior Talent Producer at CNBC and has the ear of some of the world's biggest business minds. Lori Ann has been working at the network since 2000. She was first hired as one of Maria Bartiromo's producers on her evening show "Market Week". Lori Ann produced and booked interviews with some of the biggest and previously unattainable names in business. In 2005 Lori Ann was tapped to help with the relaunch of CNBC’s flagship morning show, “Squawk Box.”<br /> Lori Ann's track record has garnered trust and respect from Wall Street rainmakers and Washington leaders and insiders, who confide in Lori Ann first with their breaking billion dollar business deals and policy announcements. Lori Ann continues to add to her of roster of contacts as well as field produce million dollar shows like "Squawk Box Across America" at Gillette Stadium. Prior to CNBC, Lori Ann worked as an Anchor, Reporter and Assignment Editor in local news around the country for seven years. Lori Ann is also a proud and busy hockey, baseball, soccer, karate, and dance mom of three children.