Former Rep. Tom Corcoran

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Former US Congressman Tom Corcoran is a founder and Managing Director of the Center for North American Energy Security (CNAES). CNAES is a coalition of energy producers and end users dedicated to scientifically-based and environmentally responsible public policy decisions in the U.S. Congress and in regulatory agencies concerning North America's transportation fuels. Corcoran is also a founding partner of PCC Energy LLC,, whose mission is to bring advanced Chinese tertiary recovery technologies and management techniques to energy companies to increase oil production from declining and abandoned oil fields in North America.<br /> <br /> Former Congressman Corcoran served as staff director for the leadership in the Illinois State Senate, Vice President of the Chicago and North Western Railroad, Director of the State of Illinois Office in Washington, D.C., Ranking Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Energy, delegate to two Republican National Conventions, and a general partner of the O'Connor and Hannan law firm in Washington, D.C.<br /> <br /> During his eight years in Congress, Corcoran was a swing bipartisan vote on key government management issues such as civil service reform, as well as the creation of the Departments of Education and Energy. Concerning energy policies he was a House sponsor of the law that removed price controls from the production of oil and gas, and he is the author of the law to encourage the development of electric vehicles by allowing automobile makers to include electric vehicles in their corporate average fuel economy (CAFÉ) computations.