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Scott Brown is going to give a speech about something or other

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Something to do with Cosmopolitan? Not sure. Whoops, here he is now…

  • RepubliKennedy?
  • Chant: “Gas up the truck!” Scott: “Yes, I did this morning!”
  • Chant: “Forty-one!”
  • “This Senate seat belongs to no one person and no one political party. This is the people’s seat!”
  • Kirk out. Beamed up by Scotty.
  • “I’m ready to go to Washington without delay!”
  • Praising Ted Kennedy.
  • Will try to be a “worthy successor.”
  • “We ran a clean, issues-oriented, upbeat campaign.”
  • Just said of his two daughters: “They’re both available!” Ooof. Ouch.
  • “I asked the President, ‘Would you like me to drive the truck down to Washington so you can see it?'”
  • MSNBC isn’t showing this speech. Classy.
  • Do not criticize this man’s truck.
  • “When there’s trouble in Massachusetts, there’s trouble everywhere. And they know it.”
  • Booing at mention of ObamaCare.
  • Chant: “Yes We Can!”
  • “I hate to sound repetitive, but we can do better!”
  • “Our Constitution and laws exist to protect this nation. They do not grant rights and privileges to enemies in wartime. Our tax dollars should go towards weapons to stop them and not lawyers to defend them.”
  • “They thought that they owned your boat vote. They all thought they couldn’t lose. But you, and you, and you, and you set them straight!”
  • Just took a shot at MSNBC?
  • “Strength of heart can overcome the political machine.”
  • “I know I have a lot to learn in the Senate, but I know who I am. I’m Scott Brown, I’m from Wrentham, and I drive a truck!” Okay, we get the whole truck thing, I think.

So. What happens now? Besides MSNBC seizing on the headline Republican Scott Brown Pimps Out Own Daughters.

Jim Treacher