Former aide claims John Edwards had several mistresses

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Before Rielle Hunter, there were “several women,” Andrew Young tells Diane Dimond. The ex-Edwards aide details 2 a.m. jogs, towel-stuffed hotel doors, and other clues to a Tiger Woods problem.

Buried in the middle of Lisa DePaulo’s extensive GQ interview with John Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter was an interesting tidbit: Edwards invited Hunter to his hotel room, and apparently had her in bed within an hour of meeting her on a Manhattan street corner. Hardly the behavior pattern of someone who had been faithful to his wife for 30 years. So the next logical questions: Does John Edwards have a Tiger Woods problem? Are there more mistresses out there?

Andrew Young now thinks so. The former aide, who authored the bestselling book The Politician, sat down this morning and detailed for me the evidence of prior flings. “I was one of those ones that turned a blind eye, I didn’t want to see some of the things that I saw,” says Young. “But after I became his absolute confidant, he told me about a lot of things.”

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