McCaughey considering a run for something in NY

Mike Riggs Contributor
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The always-on-fire NY Daily News has published a report from a reader suggesting that former NY Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey might be running for Senate or governor. According to the reader’s anecdote:

“They asked a series of favorable/unfavorable including Cuomo, Levy, Ross, Blakeman, Schumer and Gillibrand followed by an open-ended question of what comes to mind when you think of Betsy McCaughey and then positive or negative on her.

There’s more to it than that–read the whole thing for a glimpse into what McCaughey would run on (the poll language: “former LG, leader in fighting for patient protection, launched national effort to stop hospital infections and outspoken critic of Obama health care legislation”). And when you get done with Benjamin’s post, read the fascinating “Many Lives of Betsy McCaughey” at TNR.