The smart way to bluff through March Madness

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The games begin today, and March Madness buzz will soon take over the lunchroom. Everywhere you turn, co-workers will chat about their favorite teams, the upsets, the injuries.

In these coming weeks, though, you don’t want to sound like an idiot. It would be nice, you think to yourself, if you actually appeared to know what you were talking about.

CNN reached out to Stewart Mandel, a senior writer at who covers basketball, as well as sports fans in the newsroom to get some tips for how you can bluff your way through the tournament. With their sage advice, we offer this wisdom:

• Be careful not to talk about a “buzzer beater” unless it’s actually happened. When they do happen, when a player scores at the buzzer (in the last second) to change the game’s outcome, throw the term around wildly. It’ll be what everyone is reliving, and if you feel especially bold, you can try to give someone a high-five while saying, “How about that buzzer beater?”

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