Rachel Maddow to air documentary comparing Timothy McVeigh to ‘anti-government extremists’

AJ Contributor
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Rachel Maddow is airing a two hour documentary on Timothy McVeigh and the connection his actions and views have to present-day ‘anti-government extremists.’ The highlight of the documentary is the use of hours of never before seen interviews done in prison before McVeigh was executed.

The documentary has some in the political sphere wondering if she will attempt to connect the Tea Party movement to McVeigh’s actions, or if she will restrain her comparisons to violent extremists such as the Hutaree. A quote from her appearance on The Daily Show refers to anti-government extremism but is silent on the Tea Party comparison:

“We are experiencing an upswing again in sort of anti-government extremism, and that’s not to say the next Timothy McVeigh is out there, but it is to say that people should not be encouraging government…violence against government institutions and people.”

Below is a 30-second promotion for the documentary which airs April 19th.