British ambassador in Yemen narrowly escapes suicide bomb attack

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The British ambassador in Yemen narrowly escaped a homicide attack Monday, when a young man in a school uniform detonated his explosives belt near his armored car at a poor neighborhood of San’a, officials said.

The attack — the first such bombing in the capital in a year — raised questions over the Yemeni government’s U.S.-backed campaign against Al Qaeda militants, who have found a haven in parts of the mountainous, impoverished nation where the central government’s control is weak.

Washington has dramatically stepped up counterterrorism aid to San’a over the past year, warning that Al Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen has become a global threat, particularly after it claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas Day attempt to bomb an American jet liner heading for Detroit.

A British Embassy spokeswoman said the ambassador, Timothy Torlot, was unhurt in the attack Monday morning, which wounded three bystanders, including a woman.

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