Giants give 33-year-old rookie, ex-Marine Crawford, chance

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As far as he has come, there’s still a long way to go for Brandon Crawford until he evolves from the oldest player in college to the oldest rookie in the NFL.

He’s been invited by the Giants to attend this weekend’s mini-camp, where he’ll be one of the 23 hopefuls brought in on a tryout basis — no contract, no promises and probably not much of a chance for anything other than a return flight home to Fort Wayne, Ind.

Fortunately, Crawford doesn’t view his life as a long shot because if he did, at 33 years old, he would already have given up on his dream instead of looking to embark on a professional football career at an age when most others are retiring.

“I look at it as a chance, an opportunity to prove people wrong,” Crawford yesterday told The Post. “There’s a lot of doubters out there, a lot of people say ‘There’s no way that can happen.’ I guess in America you shouldn’t dream, that’s what you should tell kids. Don’t be inspired, don’t push for what you want to do.

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